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Author Topic: "birth" father's rights, is there such a thing in Alabama?  (Read 1832 times)


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Mother marries "legal" father in Sept., separates in November, moves in this "birth" father lives with him for 2 1/2 years producing 17 month old daughter. (the divorce is in the works, any day now, sure?)

Mother kicks "birth" father out. files EPO against "birth" father. "birth" father files petition of dependency cause no one in household now has a job to support daughter. (hearing scheduled for Feb 2006)

Yesterday in Jefferson County Family Court, Birmingham, AL

Mother's husband steps in and takes responsibility for daughter (born while Mother and him are legally married). Daughter goes home with Mother to a home environment that has already had 2 children removed by DHS because of Heroin addiction (sister's children, other grandmother getting assitance from state, sister still in the home, drug element still coming into home)  

"birth" father is sent home with:
No right to ever see daughter again, no right to ask for DNA testing, told to get on with his life and forget he had a daughter
EPO in force, no evidence, no proof, just Mother's word (police report and EPO report has conflicting statements) NEVER HAPPENED!
No way to protect his daughter from unsafe home environment that she will now be subjected to because he is not there to stop it.

Is there some type of assistance/organization that help him? We spent $500 yesterday on a family court lawyer and this is what we got. He doesn't have any money to fight.

(grandparents, mother and father of "birth" father) She's our granddaughter no matter what some stupid judge said yesterday!


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