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A hint to Brent's agenda...
« Reply #20 on: Nov 06, 2005, 02:20:44 PM »
Another hint to Brent's hidden agendas...

Collapse of the Marxist Orthodoxy and Triumph of American Neo-Marxism

August 5, 2005

by Eric Ross, Ph.D.


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” (George Orwell)

1. My Unceremonious Re-Introduction to Marxism in Action

Whether it was settling down in New York City or often traveling to the Left Coast on business, but ever since I came to the US shores in 1981, I would invariably run into American Marxists, Socialists, Stalinists, “Revisionists,” radical Feminists, Trotskyites and MacDworkinists and all sort and manner of social activists, all expecting that I would understand and share their radical even bizarre views, often turning cold and nasty when I wouldn’t. I absolutely didn’t want to be bothered. Full of creative juices, I wanted to enjoy a productive life peacefully without being drawn into boring ideological discussions with the West’s “useful idiots,” who sounded and acted as a time-machine’s political caricatures plucked from 1920’s and planted onto the streets of New York City, Washington D.C., Boston and San-Francisco, and above all – college campuses of nowadays.

For an ex-Soviet dissident who hated the destructive self-righteousness of ideologues, for someone whose family and friends were survivors of the Stalin’s Gulag and Soviet ideology, with its victims fresh in everyone’s memory, for me it was an utterly bizarre, almost surreal experience to talk today to social activists of yesteryears circa 1930’s, as if they had no historic experiences of the rest of the world, as if the blood of millions of Soviets sacrificed on the altar of Communism meant nothing to these anachronistic relics of the bloody ideology, the ideology which in my mind was no more, dead, finished, crumbling under its own weight, going straight to hell, where it rightfully belonged. But when the contemporary incarnations of this ideology began striking in force and where it hurts most, my family, my won relationship with my beloved young son, then, and only then did I begin to wake up and take notice that the ideology was alive and well, and was destroying thousands of families, including the people I respected, those I worked with, and relied upon, I realized it was alive, and kicking… hard, hitting with vengeance and without concern for even pretending to be in the least humane or fair.

On the surface of America’s politics, there seems to be a blissful bipartisan consensus: “Democracy good,” “Tyrannical regimes bad.” Every politician is aware that Americans wouldn’t easily part with these simple political notions. Yet, beneath the surface of American politics, an intense ideological struggle is taking place, a war waged between two competing worldviews, the Americans of the Bill Of Rights, and the advocates of “progress”. Many among those draping themselves in the togas of Democracy at the America’s political masquerade of today, beneath their bizarre masks reveal sinister gazes of aspiring Tyrants, just waiting out their day to come around, so they could come out of the closet in force. The stakes in the ideological battle waged in the nation’s courts, from the Supreme Court to the Village courts, and on its University campuses is no less than what kind of life most of us would have – that of worse than a slave, treated worse than a dog, or the life of free man, and what kind of country the United States will be tomorrow and in the decades to come.

In the midst of my love affair with America, I was briefed in American Neo-Marxism in a place one would least expect, the civil Courts. A local Judge, founder and long-time sponsor of a “community change” organization, was ordering all divorcing parents to sit in a seminar, ostensibly on the “needs of the children of divorce.” Hardly a word was spoken about children by the two “instructors” who described themselves as “fighters for social justice”; they spent the entire day on explaining to the stunned audience the hierarchy of the “oppressors” and the “oppressed” and the legal system’s civic duty to re-balance the power to make up for the inequities, by marginalizing those groups who “marginalize,” according to their theory.

So, how the hell did America come to this ideological juggernaut, which steam-rolls men in family courts as a matter of policy and law, how did it come to deliberate lawlessness of such courts, which fraudulently put ideology above the fact, reason, and stamp out the very notions of equality on which the country was founded? – As I had to piece it together in my own mind to put things into perspective, here is a very quick, cursory outline of my retrospective journey, back into the Socialist future.

2. The Triumphant March of American Neo-Marxism
The Global Proletariat Revolution, which the Marxist scholars expected to occur in 1920’s and 30’s, after the Russian “Great October Socialist Revolution” of 1917, failed to materialize no matter how hard the Soviets tried to export it on the tips of the Red Army bayonets. The world’s  proletariat refused to play its “historic role” and didn’t want to see Soviet invaders anywhere near their homes. Was something amiss? The “scientific” theory of Communism was not working! Where was the solidarity of the international proletariat? Where were the local revolutionaries from within, who were supposed to help the “brotherly” Red Army to advance and hoist the victorious banners of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin way beyond the Russian borders and all over the world?

Soviet Marxists refused to admit that the Marxist theory was terribly flawed. Meanwhile, certain Western Marxist “revisionists,” those who somehow avoided assassinations by the Stalin’s thought police, advanced a theory, which propagated – by the decades-long efforts of the Comintern members, international socialists of all hues and the liberal faculties in Western Universities and colleges – through the minds of millions of “fighters for social justice” and “fair-minded progressives,” including many amongst U.S. Senators and ‘Congresspersons.’ It shaped and sealed the fait of millions of people in the Western Hemisphere and all around the globe in the 20 th and 21 st Centuries.

Vladimir Lenin. Ideologue of Dictatorship of the Proletariat
No, the Communist Revolution was not failing because the proletariat in different countries was at different stages of ideological development, often immature, as Stalin thought. Marx was wrong because he underestimated the two major forces that took men away from their class struggle, and defied the Revolution:

Christianity with its traditions of tolerance and benevolence, and
Family , with its “petty bourgeois” aspirations and focus on its own egotistic needs, property above all.
During the 1920-30s, most Russian churches were razed or converted into secular buildings, wearhouses or shops; over 50 thousand priests were either executed or sent to labor camps, many of them perished in the extermination regimes of the Stalin’s Gulag during the Great Purge of 1936-37. By 1939, Russia, a formerly great Christian nation, had less than 100 functioning parishes and only four bishops, controlled by the mind police of the NKVD (Soviet Secret Police.) Synagogues were closed. Young people noticed to attend Church faced repression.

Family, from Engels’ The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State, through Antonio Gramsci’s famous Prison Notes, to Katharine A. MacKinnon’s Toward the Feminist Theory of the State (with most ideas almost verbatim plagiarized from Gramsci) to the hundreds of “works” of old-school and today’s feminists, has been the archenemy No.1, the main force undermining the Communist revolution. As the enemy of the Communist Revolution, the institution of family must be destroyed.

Family kept people focused on its narrow materialistic, despicable goals of survival and life’s undeserving pleasures: education for children, clothing, a good place to live and a car to drive to work, that which in America we collectively call The American Dream. In short, it kept the proletariat from fulfilling its historic role. The historic role of the Proletariat was the Global (Worldwide) Socialist Revolution in which it was destined to bury Capitalism forever and establish a borderless utopian Communist society in which everyone is rewarded according to their needs, and everyone voluntarily and eagerly contributes according to their abilities; while children are raised communally, with the ideas of ‘enlightened Communism’ programmed into their minds early on in life. Sort of what we had in California, where liberals wanted to have everything, and quickly bankrupted the state, so that Arnold The Terminator was called to play the role of Governor in an attempt to restructure and reduce the monstrous debt incurred by the largest state on Left Coast.

The Hungarian Bolshevik Revolution of 1919 and its “Cultural Terrorism” were a precursor of things to come in the United States of today. Georg Lukasc, the Deputy Commissar of Culture in Bolshevik Bela Kun’s regime in Hungary put his self-described “Demonic ideas” to work in a campaign of what became known as “Cultural Terrorism.” He launched a massive sex re-education program in Hungarian schools. Literature was printed and distributed, and classes given to instruct children and women in “free love” and technique of the sexual intercourse, in the archaic nature of the bourgeois family codes, to disparage and ridicule the outdated mode of sexual relations – monogamy, and the irrelevance of religion, which the Marxists said “shackled the man” and deprived humanity of all pleasures. Breaking the “chains of the religion,” which Lenin also called “the opium for the masses” and destruction of the family became the Marxists’ priority. As today’s pornographers and TV producers know, sex sells, and Lukasc promotion of sexual promiscuity among children and women was a tool of directly attacking the family and Christianity – the core institutions of the Western Civilization keeping man from fulfilling his historic role. “This was a precursor to what Cultural Marxism would later bring into American schools.”

Stalin’s massive purges began in earnest in 1920’s, right on the heels of Lenin’s Bolsheviks’ terror. Stalinism was seeking to maintain “purity” of the ideas, wipe out any opposition to Stalin’s tyranny, and provide the Soviet State with the armies of slave labor, in which tens of millions of people perished of unbearable labor, harsh conditions and hunger. Disillusioned and terrified of Stalin, Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist and organizer working in 1923-24 for the Comintern (most members of which Stalin later shot as “imperialist spies”), fled back to Italy, under the wing of his friend and ideological Comrade Benito Mussolini, who meanwhile got a few ideas of his own and had devised Italian Fascism. Unexpectedly for him, in 1926 fascists locked up Gramsci in jail, until Mussolini released him in 1934, when Garmsci was already dying of tuberculosis.

Hitler and Mussolini. Fascist-Socialist Dictators
Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks, which he passionately wrote in jail, were later smuggled by his Russian illicit love interest and sister-in-law Tatiana with diplomatic mail to Moscow, then published in the West, impressing many thousands of similarly disillusioned Western Marxists. The lecture halls in Yale and Columbia, Harvard and UCLA, and all across the USA are abuzz with his ideas, and ideas of his disciples and ideological heirs, his name reverberating in speeches, lectures, and books and uttered with reverence by the charismatic lecturers and the mesmerized younger generation, the students in Women’s Studies, multiculturalism, Gay and Lesbian advocacy and activism, Feminist Legal Theory and other social and political programs.

There’s an enormous confusion created with the semantics of the emotion-packed words “liberal,” “democrat,” conservative,” “republican” and such, making such adjectives meaningless, void of their original meaning, and used primarily as curse-words and negative labels. Fore example, those congressman who propose to balance the budget and streamline big government, are denounced as “hating gays, hating women, hating minorities and hating the environment,” in short – “right-wing extremists” and “fascists.” Interestingly, “right wing” and “fascist” misused deliberately by the MSM for political reasons, essentially describe the same political regime as “left wing”, “socialist” and “communist.”

Joseph Stalin. A bloody Communist Dictator
NAZI was an acronym for the National Socialists’ party of Germany. Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were all socialist monsters, the leaders of the workers of their countries, all quite popular in their heyday with American Socialists and Communists. America’s schoolchildren in 1920’s and 30’s were reciting their Pledge of Allegiance with an extended hand salute, the same adopted by German Nazional-Socialists, the Nazi’s. Hitler and Stalin both favored a strong state, and solidified their control over the masses through the socialist political movement, their ideologies and practices were closely intertwined and similar. Both the Soviet Socialist State and the German National-Socialist State were dictatorships, states based on tyranny, and on close examination were similar. Not even for a second do I doubt that there are many people in our government today who’d just love to establish a “benevolent” socialist Dictatorship, if they could get away with it, and they do establish it in as many dark corners of American public life today as The sleepy People let them get away with.

Gramsci had a different idea than Stalin about what would work in the West. He theorized that the average citizen of the West would never voluntarily embrace the “revolution”. Therefore, the citizens of the West must be systematically demoralized by the erosion and destruction of their culture from within.

Mass media would be slowly transformed from the news dispensing organizations into an agent of subtle propaganda. [Check. Accomplished.] It would encourage the demise of education, history, and traditional values. The loss of a common culture and the resulting immorality and dramatically rising crime would split the society into hostile and small subgroups and subcultures, at odds with each other, competing for the benevolence of the state, money and power. It is when the people would cry out for an end to the madness, would beg “authorities” to end the chaos and crime, that the State should move in decisively and install totalitarian controls.

Antonio Gramsci, Italian Communist, Ideologue of the Cultural Revolution
According to Gramsci, the immediate targets of the Cultural Revolution must be the “institutions [which] include education, the family, the church, the mass media, popular culture.”

Unlike Stalinist theory of a Communist Uprising seizing the power, then imposing a cultural revolution through terror, Gramsci saw a different, lengthier path to the triumph of Communism, making it impervious to the military coups. It was through a cultural hegemony and invisible terror and censorship of the opposing ideas, where the screams of the victims would drown in the deafening cacophony of propaganda from the media. The specifically American brand of Garmscian practitioners is making trillions of dollars on redistributing wealth in the process of social engineering.

The Gramscian trick was that Marxists would change the Culture first, then political power would fall into their lap like a ripened peach. His was a “bloodless” Communist Revolution, and its class struggle was the “position war” for the minds and souls of the masses, alienated from their traditional cultural values. First, colleges and universities must be taken over by the cadre of dedicated revolutionaries. Second, from this beachhead a major attack would be launched, with millions of people indoctrinated and the cadre of ‘fighters for social justice’ would take over the press and media, and the institutions of real power, the Courts. Third, through a process of destruction of the family, altering social consciousness and redistribution of wealth from the oppressors to the oppressed, the Communism will triumph internationally, virtually without any public displays of spillage of blood, any reporting of which the mass media must suppress, anyway. It would be a tyranny, all right, but a tyranny of good intentions, a tyranny the properly mind-programmed masses would eagerly embrace and support. It would be for their own good and happiness. It would be a revolution whose achievements are not going to be easily dismantled through a military force.

While Gramscian thinking originated in a fascist prison, and Katherine MacKinnon’s – in an ivory tower, following her indoctrination in lesbian political activism in the Smith college notorious for its Marxist-feminist agenda of family destruction and political advocacy of GBLT and other fringe causes, it never ends up being “just a theory.” On the backdrop of general feeble-mindedness, political apathy and cynicism, MacKinnon’s theory drastically changed the law, and the country’s legal profession’s collective consciousness; it changed legislation, and case-law, and perverted the institution of the “family” and civil courts, in which the judges assume the roles of the feminist judge, the jury and the executioner. American social policies originally based on Judeo-Christian precepts, and Kantian-Enlightenment ethics, are now based on Gramscian and Marxist-Hegelian concepts of group power, and a forceful redistribution of thereof in favor of those groups the theory fraudulently and arbitrarily declares “oppressed” or “disadvantaged.”

As we all know, the orthodox Marxism met its demise, and hardly any of the socialist experiments have worked in the long run. In the end, after decades of ignoring mass repressions by the Soviet Regime, which killed an estimated 40 million, creating a nation of cynics and thugs, forever effecting Russian collective conciseness, after more than 70 years of the Soviet Power’s bloody rule, it finally collapsed under its own weight, and the world reluctantly agreed to see it for what it was, a bloody conspiracy by a group of ruthless political criminals. It was a regime, which used the Communist ideology in a fashion similar to the dark ages of the medieval Inquisition, maintaining a grip on the absolute power through mass terror, indoctrination and exploitation of the masses for the benefit of a small elite.

Regardless of whether various lecturers preaching today from the pulpits of institutions of higher education any of the incarnations of Gramscian theory give him proper credit, or whether they pretend to be spontaneous and autonomous geniuses, ideas of Antonio Gramsci are alive and well, making decisive inroads into political, academic and legal realities of the West. In fact, these ideas have a tremendous following among the so called “intellectuals” in the US, UK, Australia and the entire Western World, with education systems permeated with programs of “class struggle of the oppressed”, destruction of the family, hatred of religion and its “oppression,” hyping up the “enlightened” sexual behaviors – lesbianism, gayety, bi- and trans-sexual lifestyles and political activism. These programs of mass re-education receive massive federal funding, while simultaneously millions of dollars in federal incentives are spent to break up traditional family in “family” courts, and billions more are siphoned into Marxists programs of social engineering, while children in weakened families are slated for being raised communally and trafficked through the Foster Care system, in which thousands are being raped, murdered and used as fodder to the industry’s profiteers.

Gramsci’s main legacy arises through his revision of the orthodox Marxism, and choosing a different way to Communism. Like Marx, he argued that all societies in human history have been divided into two basic groups: the privileged and the marginalized, the oppressor and the oppressed, the dominant and the subordinate. Unlike Marx with his fixation on the mythical “proletariat,” Gramsci defined the ranks of the “oppressed” differently. Specifically, he wrote in his Prison Notebooks, about the hegemonic (vanguard) classes of the upcoming Revolution that...

“The marginalized groups of history include not only the economically oppressed, but also women, racial minorities and many ‘criminals.’"

These oppressed and marginalized groups lack their collective class consciousness of being oppressed, and are fooled by the “oppressors” into believing that everything’s just dandy. Hence, comes the MacDworkinist assertion that all sex – including consensual – is rape: Women, being the oppressed class, simply lack gender conciseness, they do not know their true sexuality, and they assume the one hoisted upon them by men’s “oppressive culture.” It’s only through re-education in lesbianism and GBLT activism that they would begin to realize “what women really want.” To reverse the balance of power from the “oppressors” to the “oppressed” was the goal of Gramsci’s “scientific” socialist analysis.

Gramsci theorized that Power is exercised by the oppressors in two ways:

through economic and political domination, force, and coercion; and
b) through “hegemony” – the ideological supremacy in the mass media and school systems, and a whole system of moral and social values that supports the interests of the “oppressors.” Subordinate groups, according to him, are coerced to internalize and adopt the value systems and world views of the privileged groups and – by doing so – they perpetuate and consent to their own oppression and marginalization. His theory is echoed by Katharine MacKinnon’s feminist theory of the state.
3. Back to the Socialist Future
 To discard Gramsci as a fringe theorist is truly myopic, if not outright suicidal, at least for those whom the millions of followers of his theory designate as “oppressors,” which in the framework of today’s MacDworkinism includes all men, even young boys, regardless of their background. It is necessary to appreciate his theory to begin to understand what is going on in the United States of America today, and how far-reaching and omni-powerful it has become in many vital aspects of life, especially when it comes to adjudication of divorce and an epidemic of false allegations of rape, the occurrence of which is thousands percent greater in America than, say, in Poland, where women have not “figured out” yet, or have been re-educated by the international sisterhood that “all sex is rape.”

As Catharine A. MacKinnon, Professor of Law, and Mother of the Feminist Jurisprudence which has overwhelmed and took over America’s courts, wrote in Toward a Feminist Theory of the State,

“Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism.”

Catharine A. MacKinnon, Ideologue of the Dictatorship of the Female, The Presumed Societal ‘Underdog’

Thanks to Professor MacKinnon, U.S. Courts today apply the Marxist- MacDworkin-Hegelian presumption of power relation between any two representatives of the “dominant” and “subordinate” groups, which translates to de facto presumption of guilt, and decide cases not on the basis of fact and law, but on the basis of the dictates of the ideology. Sort of what Leon Trotsky ordered the Red Army to do in 1917-1920: shoot anyone wearing a white shirt and necktie on sight. If they have soft, callous-free hands of the bourgeoisie , shoot them on sight, too.

 Leon Trotsky delivering agitprop to the Red Army detachment. 1918.

It does not even matter that what MacDworkinism cleverly defined as a subordinate group, has been traditionally dominant and in numerous ways privileged. In the “feel good” Gramscian society, the art of victimology is brought to unprecedented heights, perception becomes reality, and perception-reality is created by the feminist-controlled mass media, propping up the dictatorship of the self-avowed underdog, whose anger is continuously aroused by the constant barrage of the feminist agitprop. While America’s “Justice” of today does not shoot members of the “privileged” groups on sight, it gleefully goes about expropriating the “expropriators,” the basic tenet of the Neo-Marxist theory and its favorite pastime.

Gramsci wanted to de-legitimize the dominant belief systems of the oppressors and to create a cultural hegemony of the oppressed, thus empowering them culturally and legally, while marginalizing the oppressors, again through pop culture and law. Moreover, he argued that because hegemonic values permeate all spheres of “civil society” it is a great war for ideological hegemony, it is the “war of position” everywhere: schools, the media, courts and law, churches, personnel departments of major corporation, and the censorship of the “thought police” employed by publishing houses. Philosophy, religion, art, literature, industrialism and business – all aspects of our society become political battlegrounds. His ideas reverberate in the feminist slogan that “all life is ‘political’ and as one of my fellow post-graduate students in her critique of my favorite economy professor noted, his manner of teaching was “oppressive to women.” I liked the guy because his mathematical models were not only original, but damn descriptive and elegant.

The religiously ideological left is hysterical nowadays, getting ever so shrill, spitting venom at “Constitutionalists” and launching its enraged attacks on the basic human rights of the “oppressors” because they have come so far in 35 years, only to be thrown back by a tidal wave of increasingly conservative, smart middle America taking back the country from the fanaticism of Sociocrats. Despite a massive effort, the billions of dollars redistributed from federal taxes into their re-education programs, their indoctrination hasn't worked that effectively, and its influence is diminishing outside the mass media and courts, and the influence of their dying Old Media is quickly diminishing as the unbiased news is now available through the Internet, talk radio, and Internet-based downloadable digital media from people of far greater intellects than the Sociocrats’ mouthpieces, such as Maureen Dowd, Catie Couric, or Dan Rather.

Maureen Dowd, NYT reporter, Ideologue of Female Genetic Supremacy

The Democratic Party has been overtaken by the fringe activists, supported by radical, men-hating feminists with militant, angry lesbian and gays’ agenda, the bar associations whose membership makes billions every year on redistribution of wealth, and environmentalists clamoring for abolishment of private property and banishment of the automobile, while they’re crisscrossing the country in gas-guzzling SUV’s. Do you know why the Erath Day celebrated in America’s schools with great hoopla is on April 22 nd? – Because it is Lenin’s birthday. So, now you know the rest of the story.

Where the Neo-Marxists of today are in complete concordance with Marxists Orthodoxy of yesterday, is that they don’t give a flying hoot about the very people whose interests they ostensibly advocate – the working people, the racial and ethnic minorities and women. The use them only as stepping stones to power and money. Joseph Stalin used to say, “one death is a tragedy, millions of deaths is a statistic.” Just as Stalin sent to death 40 million of the working people in the Soviet Russia, and sent millions of infantry troops to be mowed down in reckless attacks on the Nazi tank columns and machinegun fortifications, while The New York Times and the mariachi bands of the West’s communists and other “useful idiots” serenaded Uncle Joe who could do no wrong, the Neo-Marxists’ elite of today only cares about its grip on power and the super-wealth it acquires redistributing wealth from its creators to its consumers. To this end it stops before nothing in its quest for ever more effective tools of deception and lies. They do not give a damn about the masses, be it the working people whom they levy with taxes up to their eyebrows, 700% more than in 1950’s, while they are busily redistributing wealth into the pockets of their ideological elite and the functionaries of its apparatus. They spawned multiple, non-value producing high growth industries: the Prison Industry with American Gulag beating all the current world records in the numbers of incarcerated, 44 percent of them black and poor, the Domestic Violence industry declaring an “unkind glare” Domestic Violence, a word conjuring up imagery of blood-curdling murders, the Divorce Industry where the enterprising predators – America’s divorce lawyers – pocket families’ net worth made by lifetimes of hard work.


The People in the former Soviet Union held by the regime at a gunpoint, learned to beat the system early on. Hardly anyone outside the closed circles of the elites, and the apparatchiks of the regime, believed any of the official propaganda and rhetoric, and finally the system imploded from within. It is about time Americans learned to see the Neo-Marxist agitprop for what it is, too, a smelly pile of poisonous lies.

Comintern was a n international organization of communist parties founded by Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik’s) leader Vladimir I. Lenin in 1919. Initially, it attempted to control the international socialist movement and to foment world-wide Communist revolution; later, it became an instrument of Soviet foreign policy and a conduit of its propaganda. Soviet dictator Joseph V. Stalin dissolved the Comintern in 1943 as a conciliatory measure toward his Western military allies.





Altermedia Scotland: The Roots of Political Correctness. By Raymond V. Raehn http://scot.altermedia.info/general/the-historical-roots-of-political-correctness_568.html

bourgeois: A person belonging to the middle class; A person whose attitudes and behavior are marked by conformity to the standards and conventions of the middle class; In Marxist theory, a member of the property-owning class; “a capitalist,” a vicious class enemy.

Expropriation of the Expropriators, a Marxist term for confiscation of the property of the petty owners.

Eric Ross, Ph.D.

Copyright © Eric Ross, Ph.D., 2005.
About the author: Dr. Eric Ross is a management consultant and an adjunct professor in the North East. He holds a Ph.D. in Information Sciences and MBA in Economics and Finance and is a member of the National Business Honor Society. He is a full-time father to an adorable 7-year-old boy, and an ardent researcher of economic and political “megatrends.”  Being originally from the defunct Soviet Union and painfully familiar with the massive social injustices, first hand, he is painfully aware of the erosion of the constitutional principles, protections and liberties in the United States. He can be reached at netmgr@optonline.net


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RE: A hint to Brent's agenda...
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Please stop flooding the board with this pointless garbage. If you keep posting this junk, I'll just remove it. If you can't post something useful or participate without annoying people, don't post anything. Understand?


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Stop lying, Brent...
« Reply #22 on: Nov 06, 2005, 02:43:11 PM »
Then, stop lying, Brent.

There is nothing that I have posted that is NOT part of "Father's Issues" or of interest to Fathers about how and why we are in this predictament that you seem to want to discredit.

And, if you are going to threaten me, stop posting your disclaimer about not being the opinion of SPARC...


P.S.:  Thank you for your hate rhetoric.  The applications to become a member of FIRM has soared exponentially today...


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RE: Stop lying, Brent...
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>Then, stop lying, Brent.

Whatever, Eric. Sounds like you want to make an issue of this so you can have a hissy-fit and cry about how SPARC is run by "feminazis" and how we're "oppressing" you. If that's what you want, keep doing what you're doing. I can tell you right now that the person who'll decide this really isn't in the mood to deal with your petty crap today.

>There is nothing that I have posted that is NOT part of
>"Father's Issues" or of interest to Fathers about how and why
>we are in this predictament that you seem to want to

No one here wants to read your favorite Hitler quotes. I'm asking you politely to stop posting that kind of material. Link to it if you want, but no one wants to come to this board to read "Mein Kampf". I don't, and I'm damn sure Waylon doesn't either.

>And, if you are going to threaten me, stop posting your
>disclaimer about not being the opinion of SPARC...

Thanks, but I don't take direction on things like the content of my signature line from people like you, lol. I'll put what I want there. (Although I'm terribly sorry that it disturbs you.)

As for my opinions, I'm a moderator here but my opinions are still my own.  I'm sure this concept is very difficult for you to imagine but that's the way it is. I don't support any "party line", not SPARC's and certainly not yours.  I work to futher SPARC's goals, but I don't worship at the Altar Of Waylon. Again, I know this must be hard for you to grasp but there's no helping that, is there?

My suggestion to you at this point is to go about your business, try not to post any unecessarily inflammatory stuff, and participate no more in this particular pissing contest.

>P.S.:  Thank you for your hate rhetoric.  The applications to
>become a member of FIRM has soared exponentially today...

LOL, you're still counting how many members you have? That's cute. Best of luck to you.


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I did not start this...
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I did not start this, YOU did.

"participate no more in this particular pissing contest."

Take your own advice.

But, I will not let rest what you have started...WITH YOUR LIES.  YES, LIES!

You quit it.



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RE: I did not start this...
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Please stop posting in this thread, Eric.


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RE: I did not start this...
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Please stop spreading lies about me in this thread, Brent.



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Since you can't to follow the simplest request, I've temporarily disabled your account until I speak with Waylon about this. Don't make a new account and post here just to show me that you can.


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Brent, Brent...
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As much as you would like to be able to "disable" the truth, YOU CAN NOT.

You have lied about me too many times.

You have lied to the world about this being your "opinion."

Ask Socrateaser about agency law.  Go ahead, ask your "in house" homosexual activist attorney, Maury, lawmoe or whatever name she/he is using for the moment...

And, yeppers, you are right.  Unless I get an apology from Waylon and statement that he did not write "that letter" that obviously, from your comments, you did, I will report the truth about you and your lies as an agent/representative of SPARC for literally, millions to see and I am relentless (not "that" relentless).

And, no.  Unlike you, I do not believe in posting in multiple names.  EVERY thing that I post has my name in it.

When you made that statement, I laughed and knew exactly who you are on other boards...you feminazi PIG!

Good riddance to you.


Fathers' Integrity & Rights Movement (FIRM)

http://www.FIRMncp.com  (the site to watch out for)

The hater and slayer....

(you know the rest...)


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RE: Brent, Brent...
« Reply #29 on: Nov 06, 2005, 05:56:49 PM »
(sigh) You're such a loser, it's not even worth responding to you.


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