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Author Topic: Isnt this unethical for a lawyer?  (Read 1026 times)


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Isnt this unethical for a lawyer?
« on: Mar 22, 2006, 10:35:26 AM »
BM has a lawyer for custody disputes against dh.  SS got into trouble last year and she hired her lawyer to represent ss.  Mind you, this was in the middle of a custody dispute.  We felt that the lawyer could not adequately defend ss because he may go against the wants of his other client.  For example, if judge deems he is out of control in his mother's care, the lawyer cannot recommend that the court allow him to live with his father instead of juvie.

Today, dh picked ss up to go to a deposition for a lawsuit concerning ss' burns. BM had full knowledge and would not take part in case, but did not protest.  DH has joint lega.  Well, she followed them to lawyer's office and raised hell.  She demanded to be in meeting.  lawyer was meeting with them before the other side arrived.  She would not allow it.   It got really ugly.  She called dh a greedy *itch and the lawyer for the suit threatened to call the police.

AT any rate, she had said HER lawyer would be there at 10 am.  (The same lawyer that is representing ss as his trial isnt until June now)   HER lawyer did come....to represent another teen that was summonsed to appear today in the deposition.  The teen was summonsed by the defendant's side.

The teen did not speak as I guess she pled the 5th.....since she was the one who started the fire.

But, the thing is Lawyer A is representing her on custody matters......representing ss who wants to live with us, not her on criminal matters...............and is representing her buddies daughter on the lawsuit matter.  Isnt that a conflict of interest?

BM is very against ss getting any money for his burns....in fact, when she found out dh was pursuing it, she became chummy with the other families and encouraged them not to reply to dh's requests for insurance info.  DH is the one responsible for 75% of bills and she is very vindictive.....

Unethical lawyer....?


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