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Author Topic: When does medical exspences STOP  (Read 826 times)


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When does medical exspences STOP
« on: Jun 20, 2006, 09:38:18 PM »
I live in Illinois and court is through Mclean county.

My question is does anyone know when my medical exspenses stop?

my ex and I are court order to pay 1/2 of uncovered medical exspenses that the insurance does not pay.

My daughter will be 18 in Sept of this yr. But I still pay child support until June of 07 because of her still in school.

Legally you are an adult at 18.

So does that mean at 18 I am done paying half of her bills and so is her mother? Or is it when the order ends in June of 07.

Reson, my daughter is getting major mouth work done then braces put on. The problem is this will go on for about 3-4 years. I do not approve of this and is waiting for some paper work from ortho to prove this is cosmedic.

But anyways, the ex has already told me she is paying nothing on this, but I need to pay my half. Nothing has started yet on her mouth. HEr first surgery in Jan of 07. I just feel like ex is not going to pay for daughter will be 18 and an adult then.

Please help, so I can give my daughter the scoop.


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