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Author Topic: She's gone....  (Read 797 times)


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She's gone....
« on: Nov 01, 2006, 10:59:22 AM »
Here's our story.....

Since separation BM continuously denied visitation, never allowing one full weekend sleep over or extra visitation time. When fiancé and I became involved, BM denied visitation even more. One week after I was introduced to SD, BM files motion to “Prevent Significant Other from being present during visitation.” Temporary order was granted for one month (don’t ask me why, I never ever hurt the kid) Two weeks later BM makes allegations against fiancé of “long-time, consistent drug-abuse.”

Despite producing valid prescription for medication, fiancé is forced to undergo an evaluation and supervised visitation, neither of which is affordable. A year later, Fiancé, who is unable to afford to pay CS and pay to see his daughter BECAUSE he was trying to satisfy the court order, becomes dead-beat dad of the year and loses his legal custody at this past trial. He still has to complete an evaluation and has no visitation. (Note: he never hurt is daughter, himself or anyone for that matter while on his prescription.)

BM has now moved to a new state, with her supposedly “recovered” alcoholic BF, without leaving behind a forwarding address or phone number.

Fiancé has no way to see or contact his daughter and has no legal right to her whatsoever. God help me, if I ever get my hands on her........

So, what the hell do we do now? Please, please help if you can.

Thank you.


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He's still her father and still has rights
« Reply #1 on: Nov 01, 2006, 11:34:47 AM »
So don't forget that. the main thing he has the right to do is go to court over this (and I am sure there is still a CS order against him, which he MUST pay - and he should complete that evaluation, also, although since she's moved it might seem like a moot point, it's not. This is the moment to let the evaluator know she's disappeared.). I know it's a sucky situation. The first thing is to try to figure out where they are - family, friends, etc. Someone will know and you'd be surprised who might be sympathetic. Then I am afraid you might have to get a lawyer. It all costs money - that's the worst part. But there are laws about move aways and disappearing with kids (in Louisiana, which is our state, you can't legally move outside the court's jurisdiction if you are CP and don't have permission . . . )

and hugs to you both - this is all very painful.


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