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Author Topic: visitation  (Read 814 times)


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« on: Aug 06, 2007, 03:31:38 PM »
HI Im the father of a 21 month old boy.Me and my ex fiance broke up around the middle of june 07, I have always been a big part in my sons life Ive gone to almost all the doc visits I worked a night job so he wouldnt have to go into daycare untill he was over one and our money situations made me work two jobs requiring us to do day care. so around march 07 her father agreed we could live at his place to get cought up on bills ,this making us move about 6 hour drive .so she stayed home with my son about 4 months anyway to get on with it we broke up she still lives with her father. Of course i got kicked out and she kept everything in her name, cars everything.she works now and drops him in daycare by 7am and has to commute an hour each way so she wont pick him up untill 6pm I was forced to move with family to start over but live about 2.5 hours each way to see my boy so ive been doing this every weekend now she is saying she wants every other weekend with him but i need more time than that. she says its my fault I moved away but I really had nowere to go in my situation.We dont have any law orders for visitation yet, but I wonder why she feels she can say what goes. Do I have rights? should I try to fight for my rights, joint custody, more visitations also She wont meet me halfway either so most of my satday is just driving and sun to.(5 hrs round trip each way 10 per weekend.Do I have a shot of getting my son m-f and let her have weekends. all advice would be helpful


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