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Author Topic: Getting a Divorce  (Read 1202 times)


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Getting a Divorce
« on: Feb 21, 2008, 12:41:01 PM »
Hi, I am new to this forum so excuse me if I don't know all the abbreviations yet. My wife and I have decided after about 4 months of me trying to convince her to got to counseling with me and try to work out our issues, to get a divorce. we have a 3 year old daughter who is my life. I had retained a lawyer about a month ago because we said we were going to work out everything, i.e. house, custody being the most important issues to me anyway, together. After our first meeting together with the atty. she decided that she didn't like him and she wanted to get her own lawyer, fine, she is entitled to that. She is meeting with her lawyer on the 25thof Feb to get some questions answered. My question is: Is there anything I should be doing in the meantime? I truly want to work this out amicably, I have already agreed to let her refinance the house (she has a steady job) and give me a lot less than I am owed out of the equity. I have also said I would pay off her car note and 1/2 the credit debt. I am just really nervous that her atty is going to convince her to go for the jugular so to speak. She says she's not and I believe her but I know how lawyers are. There is no history of abuse or anything like that, she just says she doesn't love me anymore. We got married young and have been married 9 years so i guess we beat the odds anyway! Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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RE: Getting a Divorce
« Reply #1 on: Feb 21, 2008, 05:32:57 PM »
Click on the "articles" link here, and go to the heading "emergency first aid".
There are several articles there about what to do when starting a divorce.
Read them.

There are also sample parenting plans here too.

You are wise to not trust her when she will be seeing a lawyer. As they say, never take legal advise from the STBX.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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