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Author Topic: This woman is nuts!  (Read 1588 times)


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This woman is nuts!
« on: Dec 28, 2003, 08:22:06 PM »
On Dec 10, a judge told pbfh that she could NOT take the kids to AK on or before Xmas, but could take them after Xmas. Also, pbfh agreed to change custody to joint physical and to go to mediation to work out all the details, and dh agreed to pay her the same amount of cs while she is still enrolled in her nursing program full-time--after that he would have it reviewed to comply with state guidlines for joint custody.

Dec 17 pbfh blew off their mediation appt. Dec 18 she called dh begging him to let her take the kids to AK on Xmas day, since that was the only time she could get seats on such short notice. He said no way. That night she had the kids call to tell him they really wanted to go. He said that he was sorry she could not get tickets after Xmas, but they were not going to leave on Xmas day.

Dec  18 she was supposed to cancel the reservations she had made on a 24 hour hold. She didn't. Dec 19 she filed a modification offer he had given her back in Sept. She did this behind his back without telling, but he signed it in Sept. At that time, there was no way in hell she would sign it. This offer gave her cs until June 2005--he threw that in to encourage her to go ahead and sign it w/o having to go to court. It also reversed the holiday schedule from their divorce j & d so she would get the kids Xmas day instead of Xmas eve this year. We didn't realize they were switched. The judge signed the order on Dec 23, and we found out about it on Dec 24. Dec 25 she picked up the kids at 9am like the order said she could. Ruined our Xmas plans. Flew to AK w/kids. She was supposed to return them to our home at 9am Dec 26 to stay until after church on Dec 28. That's what the order says. She didn't care about that part, and now she is violation of the very order she shoved through. Does anyone agree with us that she just gave dh custody of the kids?

She knows he called the police, and she is worried about going to jail for this. She actually thinks he might just say she had permission to do this so she doesn't get in trouble.


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