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Author Topic: Need Help A.S.A.P.  (Read 1696 times)


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Need Help A.S.A.P.
« on: Feb 09, 2004, 01:41:33 AM »
Hi Everyone,
 I really need some help immediately!!! As anyone who has been reading my posts since I first started knows my wife and I are in the middle of a custody battle over our 1 year old son. During X-mas I found out that she was meeting someone else while supposedly visiting family and friends in Ohio, I live in Pennsylvania. When I found out about her meeting my son and I moved to my present apartment (My wife had been trying to get me evicted from our old apartment since Septemeber but it was just part of her control..long story...) Upon her return on Jan 4th she propmtly called the local police to try and have me arrested for moving and taking my son and my own possesssions, which she was informed there was nothing anyone could do..Her best friend a real wacko and her continually harrassed me on the telephone from about 11pm until 3am in the morning..I asked her several times if it couldnt wait until the next morning, but she insisted that the 3 girls (hers by several previous relationships) had nothing for breakfast in the morning and that she knew I had the extra house key and van key and if I didn't come down to let her see the baby she would report that I was trying or was going to break in and/or steal the van (whihc is in her name) Finally because I love her girls as my own children I relented and went down to the apartment to give her the keys, etc and so that she could see our son for a few minutes and give him his x-mas presents...I told he that I thought it was really rediculaous to have to do thsi at that our, but those are her normal hours..During our 2 year marriage she slept all day and stayed up all night playing on the computer. It became more important than anything (thats how she met he new boyfriend, the guy she went to visit during x-mas) I was standing in the doorway with my son sitting on the floor in front of me checking out his presents when the local police announced that they were back...I didn't at the time even know they had been there the first time..This Capt Thomas who was in charge then started telling me how I was going to leave my son there with his mother...I explained what was going on and that all my son's clothes, food, bottles etc were at the new apartment. He didn't want to hear a word I had to say and started telling me how the old apartment was my son's address even though he was on my new lease. At which point I explained that then technically this was still my address as well because I was also still on the lease and had every right to stay there with my son..again he didn't want to hear anything and told my wife and I both that we needed to go to the courthouse the next morning and file for custody...I explained to the officer several times that if he allowed my wife to have the baby even overnight she was going to take off and run to Ohio where she is from..She yelled that she wasn't going anywhere this was her home etc...I also explained to the officer that I had just as much right to my son as she did and that we were on our way home before they showed up...Again he didn't want to hear it. I then asked him why it was ok before when my wife and I had a disagreements that I was able to take my son and leave with no problem but no I wasn;t allowed to do so. He never gave me an answer and proceeded to escort me out of the apartment..The last picture I have in my mind of my son is him reaching over his mothers shoulders wanting his dad to take him home and not knowing what was going on...I went to the courthouse and filed for custody the very next morning..I spoke with the officer that night, he excuse for his forcing me to leave my son there was he felt that my son should have been sleeping at that time (Apparently he never had to deal with a 1 year old, who can be up at all hours) and he rudely hung up on me...I have been since then trying to get someone to either help me or show me how I can correct this b.s decison that this officer made, with absolutley no help whatsoever. My own (legal aid) lawyer won't even do anything...he keeps telling me that it was ok..,I am so lost it isn't even funny and I am scared to death that I am going to lose my son and I don't mean totally I mean that I have been his primary caregiver since the day he was born his mother has never until now even really spent any time with him and now all of a sudden she wants to play mommy..Everyone says that she will be looked down on for leaving the state and that she had no right to, but won't do anything about it and it makes me mad that by the time this does go to court her lawyer can claim how he has been with his mother xxx amount of time and seems (the key word is semmes because they don;t know how she is) to be doing ok, when in reality it should be my lawyer stating that my son has been with me xxx amount of time and I have proven to be a capable and caring parent..Its not like I am a father who wants his son and has never made a bottle, changed a diaper or comforted him when he was sick...not only have I been his (and his 3 half-sisters) primary caregiver, but I also raised a son (who is now 22) as a single father for 14 years of his life, back when single fathers were about as common as a desktop p.c. if you know what I mean...So does anyone have any suggestions, comments or anything..I heard through the grapevine that we are supposed to go back for a re-scheduled mediaiton this tuesday..The first one was re-scheduled because my wife's lawyer claimed she and her friednwere invloved in a traffic accident on the way there...Does anyone know anything about filing out or how to get subpenas?? any help please I am one scared loving dad who hasn't seen his little boy since Jan 4th


If you would like to contact me directly please email me at jaimes_dad@yaho.com


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