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Author Topic: Where we are and where we are going - long - feedback please  (Read 1065 times)


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I have posted some of this before - so I will try to summarize quickly.

We have been fighting with my DH's ex for over a year about her not following the joint parenting agreement - we threatened her with contempt in February and ended up with DCFS at our doorstep in March (the have not left yet - no official word on their investigation) as well as an order of protection against DH.  He agreed to supervised visits to try to mend his relationship with his son (our accuser) and to keep us safe from more allegations (false allegations).  However, right after the order was dropped the ex (momster) took the boys out of their schools and moved them - again (three schools in three months) the oldest hated this school as he was having problems there before and threatened suicide upon his return to this school - he was hospitalized for one week due to the threat.  He was already in counseling and we have spoken to that counselor that says they "suspected something like that" when DH mentioned PAS.  So, we are backtracking - going back to get rid of supervised and moving ahead with a custody fight.  This is what we have:
1) Visitation interference (I use the tracker and have all our visitations logged for the past year and a half) - we also have momster on voice mail stating the kids dont want to come down cause they have things to do at her house.
2) Momster has moved 10 x's in three years - the boys have been in 5 schools.
3) She was evicted from her home once by the Dept. of Health for unsanitary conditions.
4) The kid unstable menal condition - she put him back in the school she knew he hated - leading to the suicidal ideations.
5) MAYBE some counselor notes along the lines of PAS - they said they dont call it Parental Alienations Syndrome but that they suspected something like that - after only four visits.
6) CONTEMPT all over the place - she put the kid on psychotropic meds without notifying his dad - their joint parenting specifically says dad is to be notified of all such decisions - she has show she is not willing to co-parent - her sister-in-law was the one to inform us of the medicines and the counseling,

We only gotta prove best interest - not that she is unfit - she has only the allegations against us - we have phone logs - school records and emails - all kinds of documentation to show DH has been trying to stay involved.
We know that full custody aint gonna happen we are looking for maybe a compromise where we get them in the school year and she can have them more in the summer - her moving around wont hurt them so much that way.

What do y'all think???? THis is a mommy county (as are most) - we just want them in a stable home so they can get through school - the oldest will most likely have to now repeat the 7th grade.



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