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Author Topic: need help fighting for my step-sons  (Read 1143 times)


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need help fighting for my step-sons
« on: May 18, 2004, 08:39:50 PM »
My husbands X has abuseed his sons. He has called the dept of SS and they are looking in to her. The case worker told him today that she is going to get his x to give the kids to us or she just might take them and her other child.  When we talked to his sons tonight they told us that some one cam to there school today and talked to them.  His X spanked his younder son with just his underware on, my husband had called that night to ask his X a question and she told that his son had stolen money from her boyfriends mom's home. She told him that she beat him that she did not mean to beat his as much as she did but that she beat him. Then she hung up. My husband called there home 3 times no one picked up. Then her boyfriend picked up and told him that it was to late to talk to the boys, and hung up. My husband called back up there and her boy friend hung up once more. At this time my husband call the police, they sent some one to check on the boys. While he was wating for the police to call him back he call the abuse 1-800 # to see what they could do. the police checked on the twice that night the second time the bruses were all starting to form. The DA would not press charges on her. From that time to now her boyfriend has treatened to smash there heads in to the brick wall in there home and kick them outside.  And he had opened the older ones mouth and shoved corn in to his mouth to he choked. We did not find out about the thing that her boyfriend did to this last weekend when they came over.  The state case worker came to are home to talk to the boys, this weekend and told us that we still had to take them back to there mom. Please help me help my step sons and my husband with this.


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