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Author Topic: Living conditions?  (Read 1069 times)


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Living conditions?
« on: May 25, 2004, 04:19:27 PM »
My x wife was just awarded custody of my two children after a long custody battle which developed when are marriage broke down. In court I was informed when my x testified that she just had moved a week before are trial date. She also said to judge the house she was moving into was bigger(had 5 bedrooms and almost an acre of land and she was thinking of buying it ) than the trailer she was living in at the time This weekend my son tells me that he is living in my x new boyfreinds mothers basement and is sharing a room with his two sisters. I was hammered in court by the judge for using the court system to aggressively. He thought I was trying to  controling her threw the courts. But he would not hear my arguments as to why I have concerns for my kids well being mostly I was aggressive threw courts beacuse she wouldn't take divorce paper and let me see kids for 70 days and moved kids 235 mile from are home in a economically depressed area. How do I address this with out looking like I am trying to control her? It only been a couple of weeks since are trial. My concern now are that the kids have no way of getting out if there was ever a fire. There breaking state and local laws by making kids sleep in basement without windows. Do I send a ex parte order in front of judge for temporary custody untill she can get a proper living conditions for kids. Is there any other angles I am missing child protective service,state ,ect? HELP!


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