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Author Topic: Parents Without Rights, Child Custody Laws  (Read 1471 times)


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Parents Without Rights, Child Custody Laws
« on: Jun 03, 2004, 06:31:09 AM »
Sorry, I haven't been posting on the boards for a while. The SPARC boards are the best. I've still been chatting at SPARC, but a lot of my time has gone towards enlightening others at different sites. But, I consider SPARC my home. I wanted to share with my SPARC family some of what has been going on.

I chose to start posting on the JohnKerry.com website mainly for two reasons:
1) The site has forums which allow for posts to be made.
2) John Kerry is the first presidential candidate who is a divorced dad.

Before anyone gets too worked up about political party partisanship, that is not what this is about. I can show many members from each party who stand on both sides of the issues that affect us all. I'm a political praSLURPist. I don't really care what politicians call themselves as long as they do what I want. As such, I'm always looking for opportunities. The current political climate allows us to help reshape the political agenda.

When I first started posting on the JK site a couple of months ago, there were a fair number of regulars who posted adversarial comments about joint custody, equitable child support laws, and even about men in general. That did not discourage me; I saw it as a target rich environment. As you might imagine, I was the subject of much ridicule. Hey, so what, I've been through a divorce. It would be kind of hard for them to hurt my feelings, LOL  Instead of getting into personal spats with them, I backed up my arguments with the facts. Of course, it was hardly a fair fight with the resources that SPARC provides. The only rebuttals I've ever faced there were like, "that's not the people who I know."

Troubledmom came over to one thread. It was great to have a wingman, or wingmom as I called her. In that 60 some post thread, I was forced to call someone a bigot. Those are kind of harsh words, but I saw no other recourse for someone who continually made bigoted statements. Early on in the thread, I asked for the site administrators to look at the thread, but there was no intervention. So, I did what my dad taught me to do when I was being picked on and no one else was around. I didn't see walking away as an option, because to me that would be like walking away from the needs of my son. So, I fought back. Again, the resources of SPARC alone made it an unfair fight.

To my surprise, after we were already spatting, I realized that I was dooking it out with one of the moderators for the JK site. That's about the time I figured I would soon be posting more often back at our SPARC boards, because I didn't think I'd be around there much longer. Interestingly though, it was her posts that were finally edited/deleted and not my own. Mine were only edited where I called her a bigot, but all the posts of hers that substantiated that claim were removed. Somehow, POC had survived to post another day. But, the moderator was relieved of her duties.

For the most part, the JK site skies are now clear of jont parental adversaries. That is not to say that there aren't plenty more on the ground, waiting to take off and spew their venom if they think big brother is not hovering in the skies above. But, now there is a real opportunity to help reshape the agenda. The John Kerry site has pinned a topic to the top of a board entitled, "Parents Without Rights, Child Custody Laws".

Initially, the thread was not pinned and my reply to it was deleted. I figured I would receive some moderator action email warning that it might be the last time I was being warned. So, I replied to the thread again saying others knew what she was talking about, but not everything is displayed in the forums. This morning, I went to see if that was deleted too, and is when I found out that my original reply had been re-displayed and the thread had become a pinned topic.

I strongly encourage all of my SPARC buddies to make your thoughts known. I've had private conversations with some of the moderators at that site that John Kerry could make a statement about this issue. They seem to be wavering where once before, I don't believe that was a consideration. They need to hear from the millions of parents who have remained mostly silent until they get to court. If you guys speak up loud enough and often enough, there might not be so many of us being forced to be heard in court rooms.

Please share your thoughts on this pinned topic at the JK site:



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