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Author Topic: I currently pay $1200 per month for child support in Georgia. Please Help!  (Read 3344 times)


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How do I get this reduced and how can I get 50/50 amount of time with my kids in georgia? Please help


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Did your judge not us a child support calculator to figure out how much you need to pay?  It had to be based on your income, yes?  So has there been a significant change in your income to warrant a change? 

If you weren't awarded 50/50, why do you think you'd be eligible now?  Has there been a change in circumstances to warrant such a change? 


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#1 were you married or not - if not did you get a DNA (Paternity Fraud Natl average is 30%)
#2 if you want 50/50 - join a Parental Rights or Family Rights Organization and also the unitedcivilrights group in your area.
and add it to ALL your letterhead, corresponsdences and documentation
#3 MEET with your local Government Representatives and demand ANSWERS
#4 Write letters, do research, and hold on tight...you're in for a nasty ride.

visit sites that can assist and EDUCATE
glenn sacks

query yahoo groups for "child support" and "family rights" and "parenting rights"

there is currently a Writ of Certitori at the US Supremeless Court DEMANDING the "govt" butt out of our families and kidnapping our own biological children by cps workers and other socialist services - from FIT PARENTS to hand over to "the state" for more Federal $$$ to the state..


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