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Author Topic: DHS records request  (Read 1295 times)


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DHS records request
« on: Feb 25, 2004, 02:50:10 PM »
I'm a father of a two-year-old daughter out-of-wedlock.  She and her mom (my ex-fiancee') live in Oklahoma.  I'm pro se.   My ex has an attorney.   She filed for child support enforcement through DHS.  DHS is represented by an assistant D.A.   DHS (Office Of Administrative Court) ordered me to pay child support (monthly dollar amount plus 47% of daycare co-pay and medical co-pay).  The support order says that my co-pay share is due after my ex provides me proof of the expenses.  DHS has a subsidy contract with my daughter's daycare.  The state also provides my daughter's health insurance through a program called Soonercare, which is basically Medicaid.  The case was docketed (transfered) to district court.  I filed a motion for joint custody, which was denied.  My ex got custody (no specification of legal or physical) and I got 10 hours per month visitation.  I don't even know if or which daycare my daughter goes to at this point since my ex barely communicates with me by e-mail.  Now I'm trying to get my daughter's records.  Her doctors and hospitals have been cooperative with my requests and have provided copies of her medical records.  DHS has refused my requests for my daughter's records regarding daycare information on the grounds that it's against their policy to release information to a person not named in the case.   After going through red tape, the state healthcare authority answered my request for my daughter's Medicaid records with a print-out of all her claims for medical and pharmacy.  Except for amounts, the print-out is abbreviated or encoded.  I know that DHS provides my ex with statements of which daycare, when, and how much my daughter is approved for.  I know Medicaid/Soonercare provides my daughter and ex with all kinds of information, literature, statements, and notices of doctor appointments and PPO directories.  Oklahoma law says any information or record about a child that is available to the custodial parent shall be available to the non-custodial parent.  I've tried serving interrogatories and production requests on my ex's attorney, but they have ignored them.  I'd appreciate any input or suggestions on how to cut the red tape or take legal action in order to get my daughter's DHS records.


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RE: DHS records request
« Reply #1 on: Feb 25, 2004, 03:05:46 PM »
I'd suggest that you break this into paragraphs so people can read it more easily. It's difficult for some people to read through a large chunk of text like that without any whitespace.


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