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Author Topic: Collecting On a Divorce Settlement Judgement - How Do You Do It?  (Read 7856 times)


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I was awarded some furniture and some money.  I have received neither with no effort on my Ex's part to take care of it.  I was told to file the Summary Judgement so we would be "divorced" but I don't know how.  He owes me $13K and is not repaying it and now owes it in a lump sum at 10% I want to know how to collect.  This was ordered a year ago so I have been patient. 
Am I entitled to know his employer info so I can do a wage garnishment? He hides his employer info and job hops to get out of paying child support
Am I now considered a "creditor" and allowed to collect under the law for Collectors? 
Will this expire in 4 years?
How do I file a judgement for records and credit bureau?
Seriously, how in the hell do you collect on something like this? 
Any assistance would be very helpful.
Thank you


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