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Author Topic: what do you think?  (Read 823 times)


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what do you think?
« on: Nov 10, 2005, 09:35:25 AM »
I served my ex for custody of my daughter recently. For the past two years things have been really bad in the BM home. I found out yesterday that the BM moved my daughter in with her grandfather after being served. The BM claims to have put the children in counseling and is getting an apartment tomorrow and getting rid of the live in boyfriend. The BM mother has moved my daughter 10 times since June of 2004 and now has moved her to her grandfathers and will then move her to the apartment so it will be 12 moves. I live in Texas and looked up the law for recording conversations and recorded one with her where she admits to everything including my child not living with her. I said the date and time 3 times and asked if my daughter could stay with me until she gets her life together and 3 times she said no. She even threatened to run at one point in the conversation. The BM is also going to be served by one of her other childrens fathers today for custody of that child. I am wondering if her moving the child out of the home and getting an apartment and getting rid of boyfriend will sway the judge her way or is it to little to late? She has done all this before when CPS investigates her and as soon as she thinks the heat is off her she goes right back to the same things. She doesnt know that I have school records to show my daughter has missed a lot of school. She has been in school 11 weeks and missed 8 days unexcused, been late 4 days, and been excluded due to immunizations 2 days. The BM didnt enroll her when school started she enrolled her 2 days late claiming the child needed shots but I got a copy of her shot record and no shots were needed. I just wonder if the judge will believe she is trying and not give me custody.


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