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Author Topic: 12 yo son wants to live with me  (Read 3748 times)


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12 yo son wants to live with me
« on: Oct 09, 2009, 01:14:06 PM »
My son just turned 12. In the state of OK that is the "legal" age to request this. He has been asking for over 2 1/2 years when he could tell the court this.
I've been patient and waiting for this time to come.
My attorney talked to my son and decided that he did seem mature in his decision to change living arrangements.
What kind of "evidence" or documentation would benefit my son's position situation.
a year and a half ago, he told his aunt that his mom's live in at the time, hit him and called him a name. It was reported to DHS. Should we subpoena the social worker and the report?
I'm curious how harsh to be. I have a feeling with what I ahve had to deal with from her it isn't going to be nice.


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Re: 12 yo son wants to live with me
« Reply #1 on: Oct 20, 2009, 06:02:46 PM »
If you son wants this, you gather up every piece of supporting documentation and/or witness to make it happen.  Please be sure your motivations are on the level.

Also, it's a common misconception that children reach some magical age where they can "choose" with whom to live.  That's not true.  Most state statutes have an age where the court will consider the child's wishes and (allegedly) make his decision based upon the feedback of the child to ensure the reasons are legitimate, genuine, and persuasive (and that it's not about going to the "Disneyland House").
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Re: 12 yo son wants to live with me
« Reply #2 on: Oct 20, 2009, 06:44:38 PM »
Son will be able to tell the judge or LG what he wants and why. If he says because Dad is fun or no bedtime, not good. They will ask him if talks to you about it and what to say.
Will he have to change schools? Friends, leave family? This will all come into play. How is he doing in school now?


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