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Author Topic: Filling motion for referral to General Magistrate ???  (Read 5285 times)


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Filling motion for referral to General Magistrate ???
« on: Dec 07, 2009, 03:05:57 PM »
I filled a motion for civil contempt of court on my ex for dening my weekend visitation a few months ago and filed again last month for the same thing.
I've been reading and it looks like I have to
..file a motion for referral to General Magistrate..
..file Order of referral to General Magistrate..
..Notice of Hearing before General Magistrate..

Now, I'm typing my motion for referral to General Magistrate.  I was cheating, I was looking at the motion for referral to General Magistrate that her attorney sent me (I want to sound at least a little professional)
She and I are going through the court system because she is trying to relocate w/my son to N.Y as you may have read around here.
As I was reading the motion for referral to GM that she sent me it says

"As required by 13th Judicial Circuit Administrative Order S-2007-116 dated September 4, 2007, the former wife files this motion for entry of an order of referral to general magistrate for futher proceedings pursuant to applicable florida statutes (2007), Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure and current local Administrative Orders for resolution of the issues raised in the former husband's Motion for Civil Contempt/Enforcement and objection to Mother's anticipated relocation of the minor child out of the State of Florida."

See the bolded phrase.....
Do I need to file anything? Is my motion for contempt going to be heard at the same time (Hearing set for March 22nd) her motion to relocate out of state and is this best? Should I go ahead and file the motions and orders I've been reading about and do it my self or wait until March and discuss both contempt fillings and objection for her relocation?

I need to do what's in my best interest, what makes me look the best to the courts as she has an attorney and I do not.  I found an attorney I'd like to hire but OH MY $$$$$$$$$   

Thanks for your help!!!
SuperDad :)


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Re: Filling motion for referral to General Magistrate ???
« Reply #1 on: Dec 11, 2009, 10:23:42 AM »
Not sure what state you are in...but highly suggest you do not do this without an attorney!!My fiance went to court on a termination of parental rights(on the grounds of abandonment)..he did not have an attorney and she did....they terminated his rights even tough he had proof of trying to contact them an even proof of trying to see them(she has moved on several occasions and her #has changed many times)The judge said he didnt try hard enough(guess she tried harder at being in comtempt of the custody agreement and keeping them away from him)...The judge would not even listen to him...however listened to her on everything!! sad...my fiance is a very loving dad and is devastated...He has now hired an attorney and is appealing it!!! Those of you that think you live in a free country an will be treated fairly!!!!THINK AGAIN!!!! NOT WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY!!!!.. I have a friend that works for an attorney...she has clearly stated that family law attorneys are in cahoots with family law judges..the same with criminal attorneys an judges etc...etc!!!! So without an attorney you might as well lay down and let them drive a MACK truck over you!!!!


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