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Author Topic: PBFH shoots herself in foot in the graduation war  (Read 1801 times)


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PBFH shoots herself in foot in the graduation war
« on: May 14, 2011, 01:35:59 PM »
Night before last, DGD tells gr8dad that she doesn't know what to do. New boyfriend is looking good & she isn't sure if she wants to go.He repeats her choices & she says she will think about it. Yesterday, she texts her mother & tells her that she is going to stay here for the month of June & see what developes with new BF. Pbfh goes ballistic & starts to cuss her & tell her she should be ashamed of her self for being 19 & not having graduated HS yet. DGD graduates this Friday & pbfh is 37 & never finished 9th grade. Obviously pbfh has plans to use DGD & this will foul it up. LOL

We told DGD that she should realize that this is a sample of what she can expect whenever she doesn't go along with pbfh. DGD says that she thinks we are right. This means she will be staying at least till the end of June & hopefully won't go at all. Also, hopefully, pbfh is angry enough to not show up.

We have met the new boyfriend & he seems like a fine young man. Has a good job & owns his own home. We shall see what developes. We aren't pushing it but are sure glad he turned up. LOL

Ocean...We won't report her here cuz she will tell the kids it is all our fault. It will be much better if she gets picked on a routine vehicle check, several hundred miles from here. Besides we sure as heck don't want her stuck here. LOL

I guess all the prayers & good wishes are helping. Thanks, please keep them coming.


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