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Author Topic: Can Someone Answer A Question For Me, Please. Its Very Interesting. Thnx  (Read 4531 times)


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I Want To File A Complaint Against The  "District Attorney" And Their Office, In My Town. This Person Intentionaly Altered My Statement On A Tpo That I Tried To Take Out Against My Ex Step Father. This Person Took A Personal, Unprofessiona,l Aggressive Approach And Intercepted Every Phone call I Made To That Office. I Told The Girl Who Actually Witnessed Me Sign The TPO Not The One Whos Notary Says Otherwise, That I Did Not Want So & So To Be Involved Because It Would Be A Conflict Of Interest. She Defied My Request. I Was Sent On A Wild Goose Chase In Pursuit Of The Truth.
I Was Forced To Dissmiss The TPO In Court And Was Almost Fined $250.00 For Wasting The Courts Time. I Know What I Wrote In That TPO. It Was Altered. Staments Are Missing And It Had Been Changed To Make Me Look Like A Crazy Person. There Is More To This Story And Want To Know If I File A Complaint Against That Office And Specifically That Individual, Would It  Be Frivilous Or A Waste Of Time For The Court ?
I Know That The Disrict Attny's Work For The Jugdes And Am Not Stupid By Any Means What So Ever. I Was Told By The Person That I Confronted On The Telephone(because, i have never seen this woman in my life) To Tell The Judge That  My TPO Statement Was Altered. Ummm, Now If I Went And Did That,  The Judge Would Have Held Me In Contempt And Took That As Insult To His Employees. Its Like This Entire Town Sticks Up For The Locals And The Abusers. Do The Judges Reasonably Belive That Every Single Lawyer "Isnt" Involved In Some Type Of Crimminal Activity Ever In Thier Life Time? Or That They Are Capable Of  Pulling The Favorites Card, To Protect Friends And Family Instead Of "Doing Their Jobs"? Can Anyone Answer These Questions For Me? Thanks


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First off, cut the caps, it makes your post nearly impossible to read.

Unless you can proof that the DA changed your TPO it is a waste of your time. And with proof I mean you have a signed copy in your possession.
Why are you writing a TPO? You need to have an attorney assist you with these issues.



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I think filing a complaint would be a waste of time, unless you have some sort of proof that the TPO was altered.  I'm really not clear on how this all happened, because here it is typed up, and you sign it in front of the clerk.


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