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Author Topic: We talked for two hours yesterday  (Read 3406 times)


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We talked for two hours yesterday
« on: Sep 06, 2011, 06:00:44 PM »
As you know, I tried to work out an agreement on CS with her due to my DH getting laid off.  I guess what aggravates me MORE about the CS stuff, is that we had a two hour conversation with BM right before I sent her the agreement, where we discussed a lot of the issues.

I don't trust her, at all, but I'm willing to call a truce.  I will never believe anything she tells me unless she actually does it, (you can see why I don't trust her, "Yes Diva, lets work on an agreement and stay out of the courts." -now we are going to court; "Hey, Diva, I dunno why we always have separate birthday parties for the kids, we should go half this year." but I get stuck paying the whole bill).  She told me that she's not a bad person, and she's never had a problem with me or any issues with me. I put her on pause. I listed everything she has ever said or did to me and she admitted it. Thank God she admitted it, but she also denied a lot of stuff that I have proof of, stuff that was verified by my phone company saying all sorts of racial slurs about my mixed race, that I'm only here to pay my husbands' bills and that I'll never be as good as her.

She says she prefers to discuss things with me rather than with my DH, but I just don't believe in her, I mean she caused all of this and then says "I'm tired of going to court"... I'm not saying she can't change, but I personally think with change comes consistency.  And its only been two days.  -__-

What do you guys think?

Pfft @ the PB!
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