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Author Topic: Update RE: A Step's Death  (Read 3458 times)

Lady Tremaine

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Update RE: A Step's Death
« on: Dec 22, 2011, 03:32:59 AM »
We had court. This is awesome! Fiancee's ex told her attorney that she didn't have a close relationship with my mother. She also told her attorney that apparently my honey told her in August that he no longer wanted to see his daughter. Our atty laughed & said, "I have a whole stack of papers proving other wise on both accounts." The stack of papers he's talking about is Facebook posts, texts, & emails.

When my honey went in to discuss visits etc, his ex & her husband were denying everything. No visits, no contact, she doesn't need to be part of his life etc. Finally they settled that we will see SD on Christmas day at 5pm & we will have her until the 29th. Then starting 1/6 we get her E/O weekend until our next court date. My honey said that I would be doing the pick ups & drop offs. His ex said, "NO, she is NOT to pick up sd b/c she's the reason we're where we're at right now!" Our attorney said, "She's the one that works the hours that will allow p/u & d/o's at a reasonable time." THE END!

Granted this is just a temp order. It's still SOMETHING! We will get to see SD for 4 days for the first time in 4 MONTHS!

We also got a gag order put on everyone. NOBODY is allowed to discuss the court case w/ SD. My honey is now on SD's facebook, has her phone number, etc. This is all stuff that her mom NEVER wanted.

Obviously we're a little nervous because we're unsure of what she's been told, what she's heard etc. So far, via fb & texts w/ sd, all is looking ok. We're still getting the I Love You's & the I miss yous! This is SO important!

The only sad part is that my children will be with their dad all but about 1 day while sd is here. In a way it's good, she will get her dad & I's full attention. (She normally does) But this will make it even better. Hopefully calm any fears she has.

While she's here, if she wants to, we'll be visiting my mother's grave so she can say goodbye to grandma. I am undecided if I will allow her to see the videos yet. The 2nd video I'm pretty sure I won't for a while. It's rough to watch. The first one, my mom looks good & it's directed completely at sd. I will have to feel her out & see if she's 'ready' for it or not. Obviously I don't want to cause any undue stress, heartache, or sadness on her!

Lady Tremaine


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