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Author Topic: To all Parental Alienation victims & Associations related to Parental Alienation  (Read 2783 times)


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Posted on behalf of Al López.

To all Associations related to Parental Alienation victims...

Dear representatives:

Let me express my admiration and congratulations for your work that benefits people like me, who have suffered from parental alienation in our families. Knowing your altruistic spirit as benefactors of the cause that unites us, I come to you with the hope that you can help me to support the following proposal.

I am a film maker based in Costa Rica, and also one of the founders of ANASAP-CR, a non-profit association whose purpose is to help people who have been victims of Parental Alienation, in the legal, psychological and social areas. For the last two years we have been working with the support of various professionals and selfless contributions of people concerned with projects such as ours.

In my position as a communicator, I have set a goal to provide to all the public and associations similar to ANASAP-CR with an effective tool to generate awareness and sensitize their populations in the existence of the parental alienation syndrome, and the damage it generates in our children and families. This tool is a documentary that shows the life and suffering of those who have gone through the experience of being alienated by another person with whom their children were procreated. This documentary will be called "Kidnapped Lives".   The main goal, is to have it broadcasted in major tv channels or cable networks such as Discovery or NatGeo for example, to reach the biggest audience possible.

In this audiovisual, we will draw on the stories told by the protagonists themselves, recorded in different countries, reflecting the struggle that each of these parents and children must endure, when courts, state institutions, police, ministries and organizations that support a single genre, discriminate, attack and increase the suffering of those who are living in these harsh realities.

This project is the first of its kind to be hosted by Kickstarter, a leading organization based in New York, which helps find funding through a website where anyone, anywhere in the world, can make a donation to support specific audiovisual projects. Kickstarter do not finance projects of nonprofit organizations, for this reason I am promoting this film as a personal project, and I am pleased to say that "Kidnapped Lives" has made it through Kickstarter's extremely difficult selection process, being just the second Costarican audiovisual project to be approved by this organization, based on its characteristics and the hope that it will benefit thousands of people across our countries.

The most difficult stage started on January 21, when a forty five day period for the fundraising started. Kickstarter requires each project to have an economic goal that must be met within the fundraising timeline. If the extra funds are not raised before march 6, the Kickstarter funds will be returned to those who donated money for the project. Our goal is to raise $43,000. We feel that this is a modest amount, given how expensive it is to produce a documentary of this kind, involving traveling through several countries, as well as the usual costs of any audiovisual. But we are confident that with small contributions from hundreds of people we could easily reach the goal.

I appeal to your generosity to be a part this project, and to work aggressively to get the word out in order to find donors who wish to support this proposal.  We hope that you can help communicate the seriousness of our message and help us bring the change that will stop impunity and aggression against those who have lived with Parental Alienation in our lives.  Or you can help us by simply placing a simple code on your website that displays widget with links to the documentary in Kickstarter (See attached image of the widget, you can find the code at that same web). With your support, we can make a positive impact in the lives of thousands of men, women and children living with Parental Alienation.

Be assured that each donation will be welcomed and rewarded with the satisfaction of seeing this dream become reality, one that will be shared by those who have been pursuing justice and the simple opportunity of living a normal life next to their children.

For more information, you can visit the website kidnappedlives.blogspot.com, search "Kidnapped Lives" at Kickstarter.com or contact me at the following skype address: aircooled_cr

(The direct link is http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/varolopez/kidnapped-lives-the-documentary)

Cell phone: 11 506 87385244
Email: varo@ofcostarica.com

Thank you so much in advance to take the time to read this request, I hope you can join me on this dream.


Al López
Kidnapped Lives: The Documentary.
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