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Author Topic: dad no t given a choice, baby gave up for adotion,,Need help please  (Read 2508 times)


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Last year about 11 months ago I had a brief affair with a close friend,2 months later she called and tolled me she was pregnant.Then again at around 4months (from what she was saying)she called me again but only stayed on the phone for a few minutes,she hung up on me before i could find out how to get in contact with he later in time.I heard no more from her and didnt know any way of getting in contact with her to see when the baby was to be born or even if she was really preagnant.Until 2weeks ago my sanificant other aproached me with the question of my baby that I was going to be having.The next day she contacted the woman who we thought was still preagnant, In talking with her she informed us that she had given birth 2months back and given the baby up for adoption.Without me having a choice in the matter,What can i Do? I have hired a layer out of dallas and we filled a suite for perternity and some other mothions through the gregg county courts. The lawyer informed me of us recieveing papers from another Lawyer out of Dallas Tx where they had some how filed suite there, even though they live around longview  tx, my baby was born in Longview Tx and I live in Panola County. I checked all the surrounding news papers there wasnt a notice posted in any of ther. I was unable to file for pursuite of paturnity because I was una ware my baby was even born until 2 months after and was never told before hand when due date was and had never even seen proof of true pregnacy.Until the day after my spouse asked me about the situation did i have any true knowledge of deffanate pregnacy or of my babys birth. How is she able to robb me off the chance to have my baby even if she didnt want to,She knows that my spouse and I would of wanted to be the ones to raise my only child.I was robbed of my rights in every aspect, wasn't even given the right to choose.Although i know this will be costly and As of now I am currently working with a lwyer, I haven't yet signed a contract.I wanted to make sure I am making a good choice on the lawyer as for having my best of chance on winning full custody of my only child.What do I do, I had filed a motion in gregg co for suite of paternity but when we recieve there paper work from there lawyer, I was tolled we should post pone the court date that we filled because by law theres would be the one honard since it was filed in Feb. It just seems to me that we would still need to go to ours being a it was for acknowlegment of  paturnity and theres is a suite to cancel parental rights


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