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Author Topic: Father falsely accused of child sexual abuse!!!  (Read 8711 times)


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Re: Father falsely accused of child sexual abuse!!!
« Reply #10 on: Jan 28, 2013, 01:52:09 PM »
Where's the biomom?  How did your mom get custody?  How long has she had it?  What's her relationship like with your other three children?  Has she accused you officially?  (Meaning is there a report and child protective services (or Canadian equivalent) involved?)

The BM is not involved in the lives of my three other children as she is not safe to be around kids. My 9yr old daughter was taken away from her when she was a baby. I was at work when this happened. She called me crying telling me that our child had been taken away. I left her immediately and started the long fight to get my child back from foster care. My mom reported the accusation to my daughter's counsellor, and he was required by law to report it to child services. Child services immediately dropped the accusation due to lack of evidence. My mom has threatened to continue on with this, threatening to go to the police when my daughter is "ready to talk"...whatever that is supposed to mean, I have absolutely no idea...???


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