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Author Topic: CFI  (Read 9760 times)


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« on: Aug 02, 2012, 04:24:56 PM »
My daughter is going through a divorce in Colorado. She has been married 7 years. She has 3 children. One from a previous relationship and 2 from her current husband. His attorney insisted on retaining the CFI. The CFI chosen was Barbara Weaver of Lafayette CO. The CFI interviewed parties from both sides in the divorce. This woman submitted a report that was as biased as anthing I have ever laid eyes on. No family is perfect nor is reasonably expected to be. The report contained not ONE negative thing about my daughter's husband or his family. The report contained not ONE positive thing about my daughter or her family. She completely ignored information that was offered freely on my daughter's behalf. My daughter's mother gave a 2 hour interview and not a word of it was referenced in the report.I was interviewed for over an hour and nothing that was attributed to me in the report could be found in the CFI's notes or do I remember from the interview. There were many things in the report that were fabrications and out-right lies about both sides in this divorce. The CFI's report to the court advised that my grandchildren were in danger from their mother. What I don't understand is how the State of Colorado can give a person like this the power to destroy a young mother's (or young father's) life with no more than 40 hours of required traing. The CFI who completed the report on my daughter and her husband should not be allowed to continue in this field. This is a bitter, vindictive woman who has absolutely no regard for the individuals she reports on. From the contents of her report and knowing what I know of both families, she has absolutely no regard for the law or for truth. She obviously thinks it is appropriate to submit a report of this nature without any consequence or repucussions, then the laws of the State of Colorado need serious revision.


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