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Author Topic: Falsey Accused  (Read 3973 times)


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Falsey Accused
« on: Oct 05, 2012, 12:55:04 PM »
Wife has accused me of domestic violence. She was coming after me and I went in house and tried to close the door. She tried to force her way in as I was holding the door. Her story is I repeatedly slammed her in the door. There are photos of bruising. But I did not slam her in door, I only held door so she could not get in. She filled out OFP and it was thrown out in civil court. Judge stated no act of D.V. State picked up case and she is going for my throat. She took kids and has filed divorce. Won't let me have any contact with kids. My question is what can my attorney do to get this thrown out of criminal court before it goes to trial. I did not do what I am accused of. This thing just won't go away. I am afraid if it drags out it will impact custody hearing. Please Help...If she was the aggressor by grabbing and pulling on me, isn't she the one that committed an act of D.V.


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Re: Falsey Accused
« Reply #1 on: Oct 08, 2012, 03:44:25 PM »
I would think if the civil judge said no way I couldn't see WHY this has any merit in justice court. Being u need a slight proof of evidence to support civil and justice needs beyond a doubt proof.

If the judge won't throw it out in justice u have to go with it. Can't get it to go away until hearin for judge to decide if it has any weight to push forward. Ya it will have a impact on custody.

Was this home both of your homes??


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