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Author Topic: HF22 passes Iowa Senate UNANIMOUSLY!!!  (Read 3950 times)


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HF22 passes Iowa Senate UNANIMOUSLY!!!
« on: Apr 06, 2004, 10:46:41 AM »
Stop the Presses!!! PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY - Mark Griebel emailed me the message below and I urge each of you to help make, not only history, but THE FUTURE!

Let's not stop till Iowa's Governor Tom Vilsack signs this into law!

Please, ALL of you, call, email or write Iowa's governor and let him
know the ENTIRE NATION is watching this.

If you're outside the USA, do the same and let him know the ENTIRE
WORLD is watching and expecting his signature!

Robert Lisk


HF22 passed the Iowa Senate last night with all Senators voting
unanimously and one absent, thats right 49 YES and 0 NO. Your efforts
made this happen and all of you deserve credit for this victory. With
such a strong vote in favor of HF22 should place more pressure on the
Governor to sign. Two years ago he vetoed HF678 in addition there was
a party line vote in the Senate that helped weaken that bill. Today's
vote is proof to all of you that the Iowa legislators are listening
to you.

Our next and final step is to focus on Governor Vilsack. We need to
be polite and encouraging. Ask the Governor to sign the bill and tell
him in your words why this bill is important to you and your
children. Try to keep it short and sweet. Continue to write, e-mail,
and call the governor as often as you can. Now is the time to ask
your family and friends to help out. The Governor has one month to
consider his options so we can't let up. THIS IS A VICTORY FOR OUR


Mark Griebel
Chairman, CNBP http://www.cnbp.info <--- READ the text of HF22 here.


Office of the Governor
State Capitol
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
Fax 515-281-6611


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