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Author Topic: Best Divorce Lawyers in Maryland?  (Read 2192 times)


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Best Divorce Lawyers in Maryland?
« on: Mar 28, 2013, 02:46:14 PM »
found out the wife's going to file for divorce and hit me with the kitchen sink. Would like to have a reputable, honest and hard working representative in my corner for the proceedings. Anyone have any suggestions?


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Re: Best Divorce Lawyers in Maryland?
« Reply #1 on: Mar 28, 2013, 03:28:58 PM »
I do not live in you state but while you look for a lawyer: STAY IN the house. Move to another room if you must but do not leave. She can not force you. Close all accounts in both names, if they won't close it, take your name off of it. Get copies of past tax returns, her paychecks, all accounts- make copies , give someone you trust outside the house. If kids are involved, go to all appointments and remain involved. Do not leave house unless you have a good solid temporary parenting (visitation) order. If she threatens to take kids away/out of house/out of school district, go to family court and fill out paperwork for a restraining order for the kids to stay in house and current school.

Good luck...read here, ask questions. Also, any lawyer you interview, your ex can not use. (goes both ways, who she has seen, you can not hire). If you have time, go down to family court, and watch in the waiting area. You will see who the good lawyers are.


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