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Author Topic: Nevada What really is your definition of Best Interest of The Child?  (Read 3356 times)


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So my ex physically attacks me while shes 9.5 mos pregnant. I assume Im doing the right thing for my unborn child looking out for her safety by filing with the police department. Then to find out my ex has been seeing her ex husband on the side. At Birth Im kept from seeing my child be born and the hospital was told I was a threat without me knowing what was going on. Finally took action and decided to seek legal help since I was being kept from seeing my child. As being the plaintiff spending thousands of useless dollars in the family court system trying to only be a good father for my newborn child. I was attacked, accused of many false statements and presented as the abuser when in fact I was the one seeking help from the court for being abused. Outcome puts me on supervised visitations, the ex still harrasses me makes up stories and lies about me, manipulates everyone and continues to try and take what visitation rights I have left. I have no criminal issues or substance abuse problems and even received a good letter from when i was on supervised visitations. Yet only to give me 2 days with my child and the mother primary.  Now that trial is over and im on welfare barely surviving searching for a better job that pays more. I cant afford legal help, already applied for a pro bono lawyer through legal aid and found that the opposing counsel works there part time so its no surprise that they would not accept my case and told me they were out resourced.
 How is that possible when you pay your own bills your own rent you pay for your childs insurance and all their milk, diapers, toys, clothes, and accessories yourself. How is that right to create a hardship on that parent to pay more to the mother when the mother makes 5 times what I do and has no bills or rent to pay and still getting continuances for her pending domestic case.  If a member of the family where the child stays has had 4 charges of sexual assault, fraud, is a felon, and malpractice, Id like to know hows that in the best interest.  Ive proven myself to be a good father and paid for the paternity myself. How in the world is the best interest of the child to be with a mother that lies to courts, the ruling is based on hearsay and facts not in evidence and a pending domestic charge living in a house with a 4 time sexual offender. Ill never know what that are truly thinking and what justice I expected when I had her served for the right to see my child. I thought Nevada aims for joint or 50/50 rule what happened Nevada ? 


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