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Author Topic: Two separate families, 2 different states with support orders  (Read 6726 times)


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Re: Two separate families, 2 different states with support orders
« Reply #10 on: Aug 09, 2014, 10:39:19 AM »
   This support order is in WI, I am in OK. So driving to WI in the middle of the week (taking off of work, getting a hotel its a 12 hour one way drive) to fill out paperwork unfortunately for me, cannot happen. Its definitely another reason ive been utterly railroaded on all proceedings while she has had the upper hand. When I mentioned to her I would like to go ahead and have court ordered visitation and some placement since she has NEVER allowed me any meaningful visits and by none I mean she has allowed me to see him twice in 9 years supervised at her home around her husband and herself. In fact, when I told her this she screamed into the phone "Are you threatening me?!" Thats a direct threat, and now youve pissed me off!" Who would ever have thought asking for visitation or any type of placement with our child was a THREAT? It is complete news to me. She has basically informed me she'd like nothing to do with me ever, except just to send her support every month. That I am an intrusion into her family and HER son. Ive never been to WI for more than a few hours when I flew in from A.I.T break to marry her and flew out a few hours later. And again to visit my son at a McDs rest stop for an hour visit in WI until she was no longer "comfortable". Recently, when I told her I would like to go ahead and mediate for visitation she told our son that I was going to take him away from her, and proceeded to put our son on the phone in an attempt to make HIM tell me that he was scared of me, didnt want to spend "not one day" with me, and was ANGRY at me. Clearly this was her projecting onto our son when he got on the phone (After I pleaded with her NOT to get him involved, and it wasnt at all appropriate) He got on the phone and said none of these things just that he didnt want to talk about it right now.
   She requested the Modification hearing, since the last one was 2 years ago and she can request one every 2 years.
  I was stupid and young, in the army and was days away from being stationed to another country, when her father showed up on my doorstep to collect her and our son in a U-haul. She knew this and used the opportunity to accomplish her self serving goal of never having to share him. Hindsight, I should have went to the ends of the earth to locate our son but that is extremely difficult to do as an active duty in another country. Some days it honestly feels hopeless, and depressing. I love him but she has made it impossible to even have a relationship with him.


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Re: Two separate families, 2 different states with support orders
« Reply #11 on: Aug 09, 2014, 12:26:51 PM »
Ok, call the local court where this is all taking place and see if they have the forms online. Fill out custody and visitation plan, overnight it back to court. Request that your filing be added to the child support hearing since you are out of town. Then when you go to her state for child support , you can request visitation schedule.

Email/call her lawyer and request a visit when you get there for court. Ask to meet at a library and that mom give you space so you can spend some quality time. Ask for a good time that day for child to meet. See if lawyer responds....


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