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Author Topic: Child support  (Read 2329 times)


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Child support
« on: Apr 02, 2015, 01:19:12 PM »
Hi Everyone I am new to the Forum and would love some help.
I have been divorced for 8 years and have two boys 14 and 16.  I have 50:50 physical and shared custody.
My Ex. an Electric engineer with an MBA who has worked for a very reputable company for over 27years served me the paper for more child support because she says she lost her job.
I already pay $1000 a month for child support plus more than half of all expenses.   I have a good job and work very hard for my accomplishments.  She emailed me 8 months ago to give me a heads up she is retiring.  Her husband send another nasty email that he cant wait for her to retire so I can pay more for child support and he had his calculation at $3000. Her husband holds a high position in the same company and she has had a very good reputation working there.  I really doubt that she lost her job and she is only 53 years of age.
In her exp. declaration she has indicated ZERO for her income and she states she has received any unemployment.
I am heading to court next week  and nee to argue her intent and earning potential.  I also believe she has gotten early retirement package (not sure she wanted to get early retirement or it was offered to her).
If any of you have had similar cases would you please comment on the following:
1.  What are some of the strongest argument to her  tell the court the nature of why she has lost her job?
2.  How can I convince the court about he obligations
3.  Will the judge give a court order for me to get the employment files from her company to understand what she was offered
4.  Neither the boys or her has any special need or medical issue.  What should be communicated to the judge to make my case stronger.


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