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Author Topic: please help!!!!!  (Read 797 times)


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please help!!!!!
« on: Aug 04, 2007, 09:43:20 PM »
    No one in Tn seens to want to help us . My son is an unwed father of a 4 month old baby. The mother went evil after the baby was born. He signed the birth certificate and they have been to court and the judge ordered dna anyway(dad paid for of course), visitation once a week and childs support, until custody is decided.This was when the baby was 5 wks old. He paid extra to the lawyer to have a restraining order on her not to take the baby out of state because he was afraid he wouldnt get to see his baby again. He went through so much heck just getting his personal stuff back from her. The very day he got his stuff back, she was saw at the store, leaving the baby alone in the hot car with the windows up and the car loaded down with clothes.We called the police and cps and nobody would do anything.Now she is probably out of state. Of course her dad and friend act like they haven=t  seen her. His lawyer says he can file criminal contempt but she has to be located to serve the papers  and then she will be ordered to come back to court. Naturally she ain't gonna come back and risk losing her baby. She has a case with cps here in Tn .2 previous kids, 1 dead and one took from her by cps. What can he or we do? This child is in danger.! Can we report her to the missing children , TBI or anything.Please help!!! We don't know what to do. Thanks!!!


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