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Author Topic: Stategies to disuade judge from considering poverty threshold  (Read 2622 times)


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Hello All,

I am currently involved in a child support case that is to convene within the next few weeks.  For the run down, we share 50/50 custody, and the bm has 3 children, besides my son, all younger than him.  Because of this, she falls under the 150% threshold for that since she is indicating that she only is bringing in 19,000.  I know for fact that she has reduced her hours to decrease her income within the last year, and her historical pay data will show that.  My question is in the event that income is imputed, is the poverty threshold still considered?  and if so, how to dissuade the judge from consideration?  Understand that I take care of matter with my son while he is with me, and take care of financial matter while she is with him, as far as extracurricular activities, Health/Dental expenses, etc.  The mother, for the last 8 years has put effort in trying to avoid her obligations to him, even once requiring a show cause to be filed to pay $132.00 for his health expenses, which she was court ordered to do so.  I don't feel that poverty thresholds should be considered since she is voluntarily underemployed, and has him as much as I do. Any help would be appreciated.


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