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Author Topic: change in custody due to child academic performance  (Read 2298 times)


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change in custody due to child academic performance
« on: Apr 11, 2018, 04:22:34 PM »
Hello all,

About 6 months ago, I was awarding primary custody of my daughter, after her mother had removed herself from her life for over 8 months.  At the current point in time, my daughter, has not seen her mother well over a year, with 1 exception- she saw her in a walmart 3 months ago.  The mother recently filed for custody citing my daughters academic performance as reasoning, my daughters grades have been slipping, while not outright failing everything, her grades have been lower than normal.  For lack of making this lengthy, the actions of the teacher have contributed to this drop, the teacher has been frequently absent, and not grading the entirety of the coursework that my daughter completes, and loses her work as well.  My daughter isn't the only child having trouble in this teachers class, and not the only child in her grade having performance problems.  The school that she attends was picked and registered by her mother during the a time when we shared custody, and my daughter lived with her half of the week, and the school has always not been accredited the entire time.  The mother has two other children that were going to the same school, but transferred them before the current school year, leaving my daughter at the bad school, all of this before the change in custody occurred.  Given that the change in custody happened in the middle of the school year, I didn't move her to school in my district, as I live in another city than where she goes to school, and her school counselor and myself felt it would be too traumatic to change her to another school mid year given the custody and cps dram that she recently experienced.  My daughter is in fifth grade, and would be changing to middle school the following year, I figured that should be when she should experience that change, in school and environment. My daughters home environment is great, as there is a strong support system, healthy household, and she does well in her extra curricular activities, which her mother has no involvement, voluntarily.  My concern, is if her academic performance is enough to perform a change, by itself.


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Re: change in custody due to child academic performance
« Reply #1 on: Apr 11, 2018, 04:49:06 PM »
Mom has not seen child in a year and filed for custody now? No visits, nothing?

Will she pass this year? Keep working with the school and be on top of missed classwork and homework. You can have the teacher do a simple check sheet to bring home each day to you about the day, if she handed in work, homework, finished classwork. Handing in classwork and homework is not on the teacher and you should be on top of her for things she can control and consequences for when she doesn't. This custody trial will never be over before school ends this year. Keep doing what you are doing and out off one of the hearings and this year will be over and as long as she passed to move to the next grade it should be fine. The real issue should be why she wants custody if she has not see child ......Also, find out when you can sign child up for the new school, middle school makes schedules already for next school year. Get her enrolled with a schedule you can bring to court and state you kept her there as the counselor advised until the end of the school year.


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