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Author Topic: X filed a police report  (Read 1209 times)


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X filed a police report
« on: Jul 14, 2008, 07:32:19 AM »
My X and I have a 8 mo old. Went to court and under CO parenting time and child support. We settled for shared legal and her primary residency with me having EOW and 1 day during the week. And of course specific holidays. The standard for fathers in michigan. So in the last couple of weeks after I had sent her a cert/reg letter telling her what days I will have him for summer visitation she started calling me and texting me about how she is getting kicked out of her parents home and she wants to come back to live with me. I told her we would have to talk. So when she came to pick up our son last night we started to talk. She got really frustrated when I told her she wasn't moving back in and then she just starting yelling and screaming at me. So she decided to leave. I walked her out to the car and she was putting our son in the car she was so irate I didn't want our son in the car with her so I took him out. At this point our son was fine and once my X calmed down I gave him back to her and then he got really upset but I let them go and as she was leaving she almost ran over me and I tried to push myself away from the car (I had just closed her door for her). So because I was scared wondering if my son is going to be homeless I decided to go to talk to her father (usually is the sane one). Well needless to say I got to her parents house and her father was very upset because my X told him I hit her car and they were at the police station. He proceeded to threaten to kill me so I left (my father was with me). So I got home and spoke to my atty's (criminal and family) and they told me just to wait to see what happens. So I decided to call the police and tell them this man threatened to kill me and the dispatcher told me they had the whole conversation on tape and if I wanted to go down there then I could file a report. I never went because I felt they wanted me down there to arrest me. Now I am suppose to get our son on Wednesday and I am afraid they will prevent that. I have 2 arrests one that has been discharged (for spousal abuse and the other for disorderly conduct) Nothing with this women or our son. And in court she had said that there was never any domestic violence involving either one of us. So I just don't know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And no we were never married and I am proven by DNA to be the father.


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