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Author Topic: What else can I do?  (Read 1284 times)


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What else can I do?
« on: Mar 24, 2004, 11:40:41 AM »
I went to court today because my ex-wife will not let me see my daughter. I have filed the contempt of court motions. We went to court today and I still am not going to get to see my daughter because pretty much as long as she doesn't let me have her there is nothing else I can do. They just smack her on the hand and go on their way. The thing is if I don't pay my childsupport then I go to jai why is it that she doesn't have to go by the court order and let me see my daughter.What else can I do?


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RE: What else can I do?
« Reply #1 on: Mar 24, 2004, 04:31:58 PM »
What you do is this...... EVEY time,, file another contempt motion,, its like a burr under a saddleblanket,, sooner or later its GONNA irritate the heck out of a judge.

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One of the first things you'll hear around here is "Document, document, document!". Having good records is *crucial*. Get yourself either the Parenting Time Tracker (PTT) at: http://www.deltabravo.net/custody/tracker.htm or the OPTIMAL Custody Tracking service at: http://www.parentingtime.net. The PTT is good, but the OPTIMAL service is definitely better.


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