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Author Topic: Please help!!  (Read 2083 times)


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Please help!!
« on: Apr 30, 2004, 07:27:50 AM »
My son dated a minor girl with the consent and encouragement of her parents. We have known this girl since she was a baby her mother and I were co-workers. She had the baby Oct 31, 2003 3 days before her 17th birthday. During the time they dated her parents moved to Ocala 6 hours away leaving her to live with her grandparents so she could continue seeing my son. As a result they fell in love and she became pregnant. At this time my son had a good job and was enrolled in College. Everything was fiine and the parents agreed to let them get married that is till they realized my son was not moving up there. He wanted to remain in college and in order to support his new family he decided to stay down here in South Florida. The mother came down and moved her daughter up there with them and started to cause all kinds of problems. She reported me to Family services saying I kept an unsanitary home which was written up as a false report On the same day she made a report that I was harrassing her, phone calls emails...etc. again another false report. I had no contact with them what so ever. I knew she was a trouble maker. That was not enough for her she tried on 3 occasions to get a restraining order against my son, the first one went through, saying that he was endangering her life. She lied to get it and they took her word for it, my son thinking he was totally innocent went to the hearing without an attorney. They changed it to a temoporary injuction stating he could contact her with no domestic violence. At this point my son told his fiancee that she should call him he did not want anymore trouble with her mother. The day she gave birth we all went up there, We were asked by my son not to be at the hospital because he was afraid it would only cause trouble and that we could come later. At the hospital the mother tried to have my son arrested again falsley claiming he was violent. The hospital came to his defense and actually retained her in security for being the violent one.  Since the birth of his son, my son nor his family or friends have not been allowed to see the baby. This is all because she is a control freak and thinks the baby is hers. When her husband agreed to let their daughter move down here and get married she threw a fit and said to him that she wanted a baby for a long time from him and now she wasn't letting this baby out of her sight. A real sicko!!! I attempted to try and straighten things out telling her all my son wanted to do was see his son and be a father to him. I explained to her the more people that loved him the better off he was. She turned that right around and again said I was sending her threatining emails. I had a copy of the two emails I sent along with receipts showing when they were read. When my son finally realized he would never be allowed to see his fiancee or the baby and all communication was cut off between them he attempted to call them to see how his son was doing. He did this from his work so he could put her on speaker phone (Florida does not allow you to tape calls) and have witnesses (5 of us) witness the call, at this point she could not be trusted. she made a report to the police that he was harrassing her. Mind you he only called once and was as polite as could be to them. She started yelling at him acting like a mad woman and then reported him to the police saying he was threating them. When all this didn't work she tried to press charges against him for sagitory rape. Again they saw right through her and did not send it to the State Attorneys office, telling my son they knew she was lying, too many discrepancies in the statement and said she was crazy. There was an emergency hearing set and we went only to find out that her attorney never showed up. By the way all the hearings have to be in our jurisdition, that is where venue was established, thank God. So the judge ordered mediation before coming back to court again. Needless to say the soonest they could set that up was May 10 in the meantime he still has not got to see his son. They offered him visitaiton with supervision from them. How crazy would that be when they keep falsley accusing him. She has repeatdely lied to get restraining orders on my son. He has had to hire three different attorneys spending $6,000 and still has gotten no where. The first attorney was one in her County to fight the second restraining order, The other attorney was hired to protect him against her Sagitory rape charge and the third being his attorney to fight for visitation and now custody. My son was fine letting them have custody until he saw how crazy this woman is. She has been reported for abusing her daughter while she was pregnant. I am appalled that the system is for woman and that my son hasen't even been heard yet. What it that we are not doing here? We have a very good paper trail. police reports, the hospital report where she was restrained, calls fom her own family members of how abusive she is and yet my son still has not seen his son. My heart goes out to all you fahters who have been put through this and I feel that something needs to be done to help you all. If there is anything I can do please let me know. My son has taken 3 child care classes, an infant CPR, a state required course for divorced parents. he has paid child support from day one, now of course he is sending it through his attorney again to protect himself. This is a very long and frustrating procedure and the most important thing here is that his son is getting older and has yet to bond with his father. When they say what is in THE BEST INTERST OF THE CHILD, I find that to be a joke. How can all this be in the best interest of the child. Number one before they even grant a hearing for a restraining order there should be some type of proof presented, if that were the case he would not have had to take time off from work, traveled up there, spent money on an attorney, There is no evidence on her part, yet he has plenty to prove she is lying and that is actually her who is the violent one. She has used her minor daughter to get where she is with this. Her minor daughter that she not only consented to their dating went out of her way to make sure they were alone as much a possible alienating my son from his family and friends. No one was ever allowed on a date with them according to her not even my daughter who was this girls best friend. The only thing my son did that was wrong was fall into this womans trap, and not listen to the advice of his friends and family. She took advantage of the fact that he fell in love with thier daughter and was willing to do almost anything they asked of him.  Sorry I am babblig on but I just cannot make any sense out of this whole mess. Anyway I see that there are laws out there to protect you guys, it's getting someone to enforce them that's the problem. Such as lying under oath, we were told that they very seldom prosecute for that and when we tried we were told good luck. I say this start enforcing the lawas and you wouldn't have so many false reports against these guys. Make the one lying pay for thier damge that they cause. go after attorney fees again I am told very hard to do WHY?? That's wha TI would like to know because if that were the case these woman would stop doing this and if someone is goin got make a statement that they feel their life is in danger there must be some evidence to back that up before setting a hearing. If you have any advice formy son or have questions please feel free to email him at Rysimps0419@AOL.COM.

Very Frustrated Grandma,


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