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Author Topic: whatever happened to someone upholding the law?  (Read 3730 times)


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RE: whatever happened to someone upholding the law?
« Reply #10 on: Jun 12, 2004, 02:09:33 PM »
It is interesting that a man can be denied visitation but if one fails to pay the support they are quick to violate you and throw you in jail.  I am researching visitations and all here in NY state and found that there is a paper you can file with the court to have visitations "enforced"....otherwise if the custodial parent refuses, they can have the child removed from them and they will be jailed.  I am originally from California and the NY laws are quite different.

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RE: whatever happened to someone upholding the law?
« Reply #11 on: Jun 12, 2004, 03:32:28 PM »
AMEN to the statement concerning child support.  one point that i may have failed to mention is that in this state divorced couples have JOINT CUSTUDY.  that still doesn't seem to make a difference when it comes to the rights of the party with secondary placement, in this case the father.  to add on to my frustations, i have also learned that my son is suicidal, making threats of commiting homicide, and the mother has done nothing to get any help for him.  worse yet, i have the right to seek intervention on the child's behalf, yet no local, county, state agencies or the crisis intervention hotline will do anything to step in.
i guess it is easier for them to deal with thing after some one gets hurt or killed.  Doesn't really make you want to move to the state of Wisconsin to live?


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