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Author Topic: parenting time going smooth bit then!  (Read 1113 times)


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parenting time going smooth bit then!
« on: Oct 17, 2004, 08:06:51 AM »
I moved back to Oh from Md because of the custdoy eval said that if I lived in Oh with suitable housing ithe recomendation would be for me to have possession of the kids becaus of moms blockage of the court orders and dnial of visitation for no reason. Moved to Cleve in May 04. Her atty withdrew from the case. I strarted speding more time with the kids we agreed on every 1&3 week i would have kids wens to sun 2&4 wens to fri this went good for about 3 months then she gets new attny all the sudden the mom wants to go to standard visitaion. In court the she tells the judge she wants to go to standard visitation. the judge says no  keep the new time we worked out not the standard.

Two weeks later I find myself in domestic voilence court accused of throwing my oldest son against a wall and  cursing at him (false). I don't know where this story comes from. but i havent seen my oldest son in over a month. We have had five hearings just on this matter I have lost my job becuse of going to court, we where set for trial then ere was no trial but they said they would dropp the charges if we just go back to standard visitation.I don't agree to that I haven't done anything oh yaeh I am allowed to be around and have the reg visit time with my youngest. What should I do my lawyer doesn't seem to want to take action he seems to want me to give up my rights to equal parenting time. just to have the case over with. I feel like I shouldn't have to give up anything or agree toi less time just because.


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