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Author Topic: Same as above. Sorry. Please ignore second entry!!!!!  (Read 1125 times)


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Same as above. Sorry. Please ignore second entry!!!!!
« on: Dec 09, 2004, 05:44:32 PM »
Planning to  take ex back again for custody over the next 6 months for interference with my visitation as well as a list of other things.  My question to everyone is this....I have court ordered visitation for 8 weeks out of the summer. Last year my ex had a new baby(not married) and she wanted to give me two weeks out of the summer because she said my daughter needed to bond with her new baby. I did not agree. You also need to know that she moved 500 miles away from me two years ago and she still makes me do all the travel. I drive there once a month and stay in a hotel so that I can see  her for my visitations. (Another reason why we have to go back and get that straightened out with a judge) Anyway....this summer she quotes the court order that states that exceptions shall be made to visitations for athletic events and  my daughter will be in a All Star game this summer and it is in her best interest to play. I said great I will drive her back for the game . Two days later the ex calls me back and states that my daughter will need to be there for 4 weeks prior to the game. I said Oh no way. That is half of my custody time.  She said that I can't break a promise to our daughter that she could play. I said I will still bring her back to the game as promised but not the 4 weeks prior for practice. What do you think the judge will say to this? Am I being unreasonable or will he think that the ex is being unreasonable?


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