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Author Topic: I am curious to know who has contempt storries and their outcome  (Read 3279 times)


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« Reply #10 on: Feb 10, 2005, 03:10:25 PM »
Again I have to comment . These are the type of things My atty say's are more likely to happen , My Atty Say's the Judge/ Commissioner Will Not be so likely to give out contempt Findings , But He ALWAY'S Say's to ask for make up time !!! I am soo glad to hear you got make up time , What My atty said about make up time is , " You won't get a contempt " But  " If You get MAke up time It's still a win for you " Why You may ask " Well My atty has a strtegic look at it < He say's If you don't get a contempt Its not a loss, She still had to Hire an atty or take the day off to respond " Then she Had to take the day off to show up at court " Then If you get Makeup time " She still Had to go through all that and you  get the visit " So she spent all that Time and you get the visit any way " He say's this is more like Behavior modification "
    I have another story also ,
    MOM ,  from here on and asusually known as " the Big punk" Tried to Cause a bunch of trouble And say I took My son up to the mountains in the snow when the doctor said he had the croup, And was trying to make me look liker a bad parent Becuase I wasn't going By her order's As she repeated them from the doctor , She even had her atty write A long Bad Ass Letter about what A bad Guy I am etc , . So My atty said "go to the doctor and ask them , get the info from them" ,So when I got to the doctor they said That The Big Punk had Been there with the new court order flaunting it around saying how they weren't to Give me any Information Becuase the court order gave her sole decision making on doctor Issues , . So I call My atty . And he said ," Is there anything in the order that prevents you from going to the doctor and getting the information"?I said "No" So ATTY said " Be reall nice and  go back into the doctor and tell them that there is nothing in the Order prventing  ANYTHING like the exchange of information and that it's in the best interest of the child that I Have his medical records of any condition he has , And that It would not be good for Me to not know if he had some condition" So the Nurses Of course when approached with a reasonable solution said , Well " Big punk say's she doesn't want you to  have any thing " But you are right ' "So to cover our Butt then sign for this release of information and well give it to you " So It all happened " Then I sent this info Back to her and her atty " And again it was long reading " And I made it long Because her atty charges for all this crap , And it did't say what she said it said , And This issue was shot down . So Again My atty's strategy ,was Be nice to every one and get the right info ,And send letters to her atty etc ,And she will be charged By her atty for the readings , And her atty won't be so likely to File any thing with the right info , And as with Many stunts the Punk has tried to pull , It just went fizz , So I guess what I am saying  Is ,What My atty alway's say's , " Don't let her get you upset Just answer to the BS With Adult Intelligent information , And don't admit any thing , And if you don't deny it then they sometimes accept her story , . One of the things My atty said is , " OK Your driving down the road and a cop pulls you over " The cop say's Did you know you have a tail light out ? My atty say's you don't say , I'm Glad you were pulling me over for the light out , Because I thought I was busted for the bottle of wiskey Under My seat , The moral of the story is obvious !
I never said anything about wether My son went to the mountains , I just replied with her untrue part that there were doctors orders preventing it .


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RE: I am curious to know who has contempt storries and their outcome
« Reply #11 on: Feb 23, 2005, 09:24:17 AM »
You should have people include their state and county with their stories.


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My DH filed one on his X.
« Reply #12 on: Feb 25, 2005, 03:10:18 PM »
They have 50-50 custody and 50-50 placement.  Back in late 2001, X moved to a new school district and didn't say anything until after she registered the girls in their new schools and had them there for tours.  She had everything very neatly arranged and told DH that the girls would start at their new schools after the 1st of 2002.  Not only were the girls very upset about changing schools in the middle of the year, but DH was upset by it and even more upset that she was telling him about a major decision that had been made regarding the girls with his total exclusion.  So, we filed the contempt motion; it was automatically referred for mediation as is in keeping with the court order.  So, basically what happened was that DH won that the girls could stay in their current school district through the end of that school year and then they could either stay under the Open Enrollment law here or go to school in X's district.  X would only agree to the girls going to school in her new district.  Needless to say, X was put in her place although she certainly tried to play dumb that she didn't know she couldn't make that kind of decision on her own.  Yeah, right, cry me a river.  At the same time, DH had four more things on his list that he felt needed to be worked on in that mediation session and he came out with all four.

He felt the mediator was looking at him like the big, bad Dad but she couldn't have because she helped him get all five things he was asking for.  X didn't win anything.



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RE: I am curious to know who has contempt storries and their outcome
« Reply #13 on: Mar 04, 2005, 03:39:19 PM »
Which is why I send everything return recipet registered mail. She can't say she didn't get it then!


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RE: I am curious to know who has contempt storries and their outcome
« Reply #14 on: Mar 09, 2005, 06:38:22 AM »
I have filed contempt for failure to pay support and most recently, failure to pay portion of medical expenses.  On child support, those were found in contempt.  The oldest child's father was actually thrown in jail for failure to pay.  The medical expenses waiting on the ruling.

They have filed contempt on me a few times.  never made it to Court.  What usually happened is they would run to their attorney and give a story.  He would believe them and file contempt for them.  Once we received it my attorney would send what actually happened and then their attorney would either drop them as clients or they would drop the citation.

With oldest child's father, he does the disappearing act.  One time for about 2 years he was gone.  He fled the state, he was in jail like 3 times for our CS case (he has another child he was in jail for as well as failure to appear for other small claim suits).  He tried to say I denied him access to our child.  I presented my evidence, (returned, unopened, no longer at this address letters, proof of phone calls I left at his relatives homes, proof he fled the state, proof he was in jail...and proof that I contact him 2 times...once when I found out he was in jail).  

Judge denied his motion.  I asked that if he wanted visitation if we can get them phased in.  He didn't want to do that but the Judge did anyways.  It lasted for 2 months and then nothing since.  Well, take that back.  Recently he has tried contacting me.  We have talked on 2 occasions but when I ask when he wants to meet to discuss these issues he is always "well, I'll call you next weekend".


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