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Author Topic: Father's visitation and spring vacation  (Read 1248 times)


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Father's visitation and spring vacation
« on: Mar 10, 2005, 09:51:52 AM »
My bf and his stbx went to mediaton in january to resolve his temporary custody plead. they agreed to the first three weekends of every month and every wednesday. Last month she denied him the second weekend of the month. We sent the denial of visitation letter to everyone. We are requesting spring break vacation right now for the end of this month. My bf oldest son is in pre-k. He goes to school 2 days a week for 3 hours. She refuses to let him miss those two days in order to see a dying grandfather that he has never met. Is that unreasonable? 3 days after mediation she told my bf that she wasn't going to follow through with it because interesting enough his oldest son all of a sudden had issues with coming down to his daddy's house. everyone has told her that she needs to stick to what she agreed on in mediation but she isn't. can we refile for temporary custody?


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RE: Father's visitation and spring vacation
« Reply #1 on: Mar 10, 2005, 01:23:04 PM »
Did You all take this to the court and have it signed  By a judge or commissioner,? if so I think Its called contempt , read the order it say's right on it , That not following the order  Is contempt , So then I suggest you file contempt right away , That way she will know you fully plan to use your time . You won't get a contempt right away , Or even the second or third time , But eventually you will or the judge gets tired of this , And changes custody , Thats why my atty say';s file contempt every time . Also because she has to answer it, And take the day off work or hire an atty , Try just going to the court commissioners service and ask them if they help file contempt for visitation , Or call the court and ask  If there is a night that atty'shelp file this kind of stuff , The Pierce county court has a night where atty;s help you if you stand in line , Call the court And find out , I suggest filing right away . with the Idea in Mind that over the long haul she will continue untill she loses custody  I urged My cousin to file , And he did , And It straightened his X   right out  ,  Probably because what the psycho's do is call an atty when you file , And there is very little doubt that any atty will say , Why don't you just give up the visits , Because an atty can't tell any client to violate a court order , So FILE CONTEMPT or you teach her that she can get away with it , My psycho tried all kinds of stunts , And You mostly just have to call there bluff , I would say this is a bluff . What do you think the court just signed off on an order and they don't really mean it !!
   Show up with a video camera at the visitation pick up , Also  psycho Mom  had the pickup Changed to a neutral place < Mcdonalds > And this seems to help , Because they have to suit up and show up or it is contempt , My atty told me ,If they are not there You get a coke at mcdonalds , And then Go to court with the time dated reciept . And show that you were there , If she doesn't have her time card then The judge will be more likely to find her in contempt ,


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