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Author Topic: HELP!!  (Read 1236 times)


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« on: Apr 08, 2005, 03:02:00 PM »
OK-- well we just recieved the responce from the ex wife about all the motions we just filed for... Shes SUCH A B!@ch... you guys tell me.... are we out of our minds, or is this reasonable??

1. The set meeting place half way between both parties specifically be set to *******
2. The set meeting place to Exchange children in Denver be set to the Shell gas station- ********
3. The set meeting place to exchange children in ***** be set to *******
4. The mother and Father both not willingly allow the children to be around people who are smoking.
5. Not allow Verbal parenting time changes anymore
6. All changes to parenting time whether small or large be in writing, signed and notarized by both parents
7. The Kids be allowed to leave ******, and travel to Denver to visit father on all visits
8. In addition to the motion that was put in affect on Oct. 14, 2003 Item J. have the children specifically be with father every 3rd weekend of each month, beginning and ending at times Ordered in Jan 2005 for trips.
9. Grand Parents are added to emergency contact list at both the childrens school school.

then she responded today this insane responce. DONT you hate this???

1. denied- all exchanges to take place at the sheriffs department
2. denied- all exchanges to take place at the sheriffs department
3. denied- all exchanges to take place at the sheriffs department
4. denied- current orders should remain unchanged
5. agree- how ever i do not fail to follow through on verbal agreements (bullshit)
6. agree-will keep repsondent from making false accusations about petitioner. ( again... bull SH!@!!)
7. denied- current orders should remain unchanged-- it is too hard for the children to fo to denver for visits. this does not leave me time to get them bathed for school the next morning. ( we drop them off at 6!! why would that not be enough time???)
8. denied- current orders should remain unchanged
9. denied- current orders should remain unchanged- I have never been unreachable.

HELP-- sorry so long...

so what do I do now?


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« Reply #1 on: Apr 08, 2005, 06:31:49 PM »
What do you need help with???

Make sure to state specific times and how long each parent will wait for the other at exchanges (example pick up/drop off time is at 6pm each parent shall wait 30 minutes just in case other parent gets stuck in traffic)

AND why ONLY the 3rd weekend of the month??

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**


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what I think
« Reply #2 on: Apr 08, 2005, 09:31:18 PM »
 I know this all sounds up setting , But here is My opinion , And basically what ' What alway's seems to happen is , First let me explain < In Wash state this goes before a commissioner , First . and you get like 10 minutes , Itr is not a real hearing before a real judge unless its the trial date  or, you Make a Motion for reconsideration , then you go see a judge , But before we get that far > Most parenting plans have a dispute resolution clause written in it , And you should read your plan < What I did was apply for dispute resolution , And she failed to respond then , My atty set a motion for temporary parenting plan , I went to court with the paper from Pierce county Dispute resolution , Wich had the box checked that said " responding party failed to respond" I had enrolled in a parenting class that you take your kids too , And asked for that extra day ,And I asked the commissioner for a little more Visitation than I thought I could get , And I got a little more , I think if there is a feasable way to ask the commissioner for more visitation they will do it < so what I am saying is read your plan and see if you are supposed to do something like dispute resolution to modify the plan , And do it , then what My atty did is , Told me to tell her , " If we can decide before court then we cancell the court date " And if not we go see the Judge "  The kicker is . This was all before I actually made to a real trial . So he had me file for a change of custody "  Based on Moms thwarting and lack of cooperation for the best interest of the Minor child ,That puts a lot af pressure on some one " . She did respond with a much better offer but I took her all the way to trial , One of my points is , If the parenting plan says to go to dispute resolution first < The Judge or commissioner may help you read that part of the Parenting Plan and send you out the door ! So read the plan through out , I Personally would agree to the exchange at A sheriffs office that is half way between,And the verbal agreements probably don't even need to be mentioned Just get  the parenting plan written well , And go by it . I think the court will go with no smoking period < Especially if the child had asthma or some thing like that , You could put the info about false allegations , But " it is already perjury , And the court didn't do anything about that for me , I have heard of some people getting in trouble for making stuff up to the court , I know this is upsetting , I have been throught the whole thing , And I guess try to remmember the objective , Get the visits straightened out , And the court basically goes by what makes sense , And I always felt that they never gave iether one of us what we wanted , But It seems that they always Came to about the middle , So I haven't read your other posts and don't know  who moved away or what , But you could talk to like twenty attys on the phone and one of them will help you a bit , BUT It sounds to me like you will be setting a courtdate , And you should find out what you do to modify a parenting plan where you are from , And where jurisdiction is , And try to set jurisdiction to where you live , I have been to court uncountable times , And When I understand the system then it all isn't so wierd , Oh Ya In all of this , I have a small carpentry buiseness , And I find that attys often counter cetain arguments with common responses , And When they try to limit parenting time , By saying the travel is too far , You may want a response , And It could be " we have a great time in the car " We catch up on talking " And we alway's stop at the kids favorite ' XXXXX , Place and they love to go there! . I Think she is just being difficult And it will show ! I have been up against this same animal for some time < And it seems that reasonable answers to the court make them more friendly to me , And when they talk garbage to the court then the commissioner seemed turned off . And looked at me with a smile and said " what does the dad want for visitation ?  And I told them . And they gave me an Ok plan ! Its just all the turmoil in between < Again My atty has the theory , " set a court date and tell her if we settle then we don't go to court ,If we can't agree we go see see what the judge thinks " , And follow through . This theory has proved itself out for me . And she hasn't interfered with My visits for a long time !


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