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Author Topic: summer visitation and summer school  (Read 1279 times)


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summer visitation and summer school
« on: Jun 07, 2005, 06:59:00 AM »
 Every year I go through this. We have joint custody but when it comes to making decisions concerning my daughter I am left out in left field. My ex girlfriend signed our daughter up for summer school. I live in a town thats 30 minutes from where they live and she goes to school. I travel the same distance to work. I work 7-4. When my daughter is with me when she is not in summer school I make arrangements for her during the day while I am at work. My daughter told me that I am to drop her off at her mothers in the morning before school, she does to summer school from 8-12. A while back my ex got mad because she told my daughter that if I was at work then she should be the one that has her not my girlfriend. Well I started taking her as usual and then my daughter told me that my ex's husband was irritated because he had to watch her until I get off work and he could be doing something else. He works nights. I figured if they voluntarily signed her up for summer school and know that I have to work then they could figuare out what to do about a sitter until I get off. It would be extremely hard for me to find a sitter in their town since I do not know anyone there. Plus her mother works 12 hour shifts and only works certain days during the week. Am I being unfair because she did not consider my travel time when making the decision for her to go to summer school. The school did not request it she signed her up. My daughters grades are not good but it accounts to the fact that she will not apply herself she chooses not to. She just does not care when it comes to school and I do not feel any amount of sitting in a class is going to change that. She use to make good grades but is very self centered and has decided that its just boring and a waste of time.


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RE: summer visitation and summer school
« Reply #1 on: Jun 08, 2005, 08:18:07 PM »
My son is the same way about shcool.

how many days during your time will she be in summer school?? Do you have a friend or family member who can take her and pick her up???

Courts could go either way with summer school, they could look at it as if the child needs to go and mom is trying to provide the proper step sto ensure that daughter is getting a good education and it could look like you are not concerned about her education id you deny it. Kinda sucks if you ask me.

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