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Author Topic: Contempt of court info  (Read 1085 times)


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Contempt of court info
« on: Aug 29, 2005, 11:35:43 AM »
We just completed a year long battle with my husbands ex over enforced visitation. She was in contempt of court but nothing was done to her. No sooner was the ink dry on the new agreement, then she cut off ALL contact with my husband to his daughter. No telephone contact, No email, No IM, No counseling, nothing. So we are representing ourselves in a second contempt of court hearing. How do we present it, can we ask for a custody reversal? Sanctions for enforcing counseling? If there are no sanctions, then she will just keep doing it. A judgement won't mean anything because her family has money. Can we also insist that the mother be evaluated by a psychiatrist at her own expense. I had to get an order of protection against her. I don't mean a forensic evaluation, we had one and were not impressed. I mean an evaluation of HER mental health. I want to present this to the court in the best way possible, since we are not lawyers. We reside in NY state. Thankyou. BD


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