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Author Topic: Petition to modify visitation - please help, multiple questions  (Read 1122 times)


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I recently filed a pro se petition to modify visitation with my son.

I filed it with the 17th Circuit Court in Florida. (Broward County)

I live in VA and he lives in FL.

I could not find any real guidelines for that jurisdiction (although it contains over 2 million people)

I managed to get some guidelines online for NCPs who reside 150 miles or more away from the child but it was in a county about 300 miles away.

The schedule I asked for based on what I saw was about 45 days in the summer and some time during spring break and winter break....some time in the child's locale when I am in the area etc.

I just did the best that I could as I have not been able to get any Pro Bono or legal aid assistance.

Could you please answer the following?

1) We have been to court quite a few times since the dissolution.
The ex never negotiates. If I decide not to waste time and mediation money by refusing to negotiate this time around, does it hurt me? Could I politely refuse to negotiate?

2) The ex wants to allow me only 1-2 weeks during the summer. Does the judge usually see it half way? Or does the judge mix our requests to come out with some new average?

3) The ex wants to prohibit the use of escorts for travel of the child. Wants me to come down and pick up the child on a plane, while paying for both of our return tickets. She does not "like" escorts. My son is only 6, but I understand that he is legally allowed to have an escort accompany him on this 3 hour trip.

Is it likely that the judge will make me pay for all responsible for financial responsibilty of his visitation time with me?

Can the judge say no escorts, you pick him up?

She doesn't want me to pick him up in my car.

Can the judge say plane only?

4) The ex wants me to visit the child on thanksgiving in his locale as opposed to my own and refuses to explain why.

Can the judge force me to go to Florida on the dates she wants for unknown reasons?

I know that no one has a crystal ball, but I have to ask these questions.

I don't have much assistance or much money to play with.



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RE: Petition to modify visitation - please help, multiple questions
« Reply #1 on: Sep 20, 2005, 08:13:49 PM »
Usually most ncp' sget 4-6 weeks consecutive weeks in the summer, alternating school breaks, holidays.

You can request the child flys as an unaccompanied minor, it is safe and they have one person with the child at all times, they do NOT release the child to anyone who is NOT on the pick up list and that person is to supply ID of whom they are.  If you are the parent that moved from the home state the judge could order you to pay all travel expensive.

Ask for what you want and work with what you will live with and what the judge decides.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**


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RE: Petition to modify visitation - please help, multiple questions
« Reply #2 on: Sep 21, 2005, 06:26:40 AM »


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