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Author Topic: Help me---I am going to mediation and am torn!  (Read 9640 times)


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Perhaps she has.....
« Reply #30 on: Jun 11, 2006, 07:50:44 AM »
seen the light. Of course, I believe in Santa Clause & the Easter Bunny, too. No, really I will be praying for all of you. If I were you, I would jump on this & get her to sign over sole custody to you with properly supervised visitation for them . She needs lots of love & patience.
Look at the parenting plans on here & modify one to fit your family. To find a good therapist, I would call all the school counselors in the surrounding area & ask for the name of a good therapist. You will get several names but one will come up more than others. Remember, cream rises to the top. The one that most school counselors reccommend is probably the best. That is how we found ours & have been very pleased with him.

You have chosen a very difficult path but one that will be well worth the journey. Keep coming back here & let us know how things are going. You will need a place to vent & to brag. Lots of us here are living the same nightmare & will continue to give you ideas & hope.

Good luck & God bless you. Our prayers are with you.
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Good Luck!
« Reply #31 on: Jun 12, 2006, 07:18:32 AM »
Wow. What a situation! The other councelor was flat WRONG. Your whole world changes in months when you are 7. She will change and you will be the reason she is a better person.

When she gets therapy, I recommend you and you wife also see a therapist about how to deal with DD. If she is as much trouble as she sounds, a little parenting training might go a long way.

Good luck with everything.



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