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Author Topic: Will she ever quit??????  (Read 6808 times)


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RE: Will she ever quit??????
« Reply #20 on: Dec 20, 2006, 09:58:47 AM »
We would love to get our atty to do something about if but of course they want more money as does every other atty.  And this time of year we just don't have it.  She has been in contempt so many times but just like you say its hard to prove.  

My husband records all of his conversations with the children just because every once in a while she will just take the phone from them and hang it up.  We also have his son recorded saying "I had to ask mom if I could answer the phone because sometimes she doesn't let us answer it if you are calling."  My husband has a time frame in which he is allowed to call and talk to them and he always calls in his scheduled time.  And even then she sometimes doesn't let them answer the phone.  Just little things like that that keep adding up.  But how much is enough to really get it enforced???


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RE: Will she ever quit??????
« Reply #21 on: Dec 20, 2006, 10:52:46 AM »
>The Atty probably say's this cause you are out of money ,
>  If not get a new atty
>  Cause his Advice should be , If the court order say's you
>get the kids , She has to give them to you or she is  in
>contempt , Contempt is hard to prove
>         ,save Her message  Message ,
>     Then tell her to give the kids cause you will be there
>with a video camera , or just show up with one ,    
>   SHE CAN"T just change the court order , Why do you even
>think she can overide a judges Order , Just tell her you wwill
>be there to pick up If not , Post on here about filing
>contempt on your own , Cause an Atty will charge $$$ , And you
>won't be ;likely to get a contempt ,
>    But She may hire an atty , Or she has to take the time to
>respond , Etc , Theres a longer theory to this contempt issue
>, But File It if she doesn't Give the Kids , Then go to the
>court and get a CD of the hearing , And learn ,Then do it
>again , And Again , and she will iether get tired of Going to
>court , Or give you the kids , Or you will eventually get her
>on Contempt ,
>   My Atty Explains , " parenting Plans are not self enforced
>, " " So you have to go ask the court to enforce it "
>  He Goes On to say " you are not Likely to get a Contempt
>Cause Its hard to prove " " She could Just say the car broke
>or something "    " And you have to prove it's Intentional "
>  This worked for My cousin , ' My atty filled the papers out
>for Him In like 3 minutes , And gave it too him to file ,Para
>Legal services can do the same . Call them In the Phone Book "
>  My Atty Also said , "If You let her get away with it You
>teach her that she can " !!
>       Atty Goes on to say "
>   "So At least make her go through the worry of apearing at
>court "
>  "Then Ask the court to give you make up time "
>   This worked for Me . I did not get a contempt but, I got
>make up time  , And she quite doing it ,
>  Again quote from atty " If She has to go through the Hassle
>of court "Then Give up the visit any way " " She will
>eventually see that it did her no good ""
>   So IF it Happens DO IT !!!

That is if the court actually states what the stepmom claims it is.  When holidays are split, what one parent gets one year, the other parent gets the next year.  

An example, if the parent gets the first half of the Christmas vacation and the dates run from 12/20-12/26, then the other parent gets those dates the next year.  Holiday visitation overrides normal EOW visitation.  I still think the ncp is reading the court order wrong.  


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RE: Will she ever quit??????
« Reply #22 on: Dec 23, 2006, 02:00:16 AM »
this is why my atty encourages people to file contempt on their own , Cause he knows he is wasting your money ,
   But here is His theory for fileing on your own ,
     1 , Mom Has to take the time to respond to this
     2 She has to show at court
      3 . She has too worry ,
    4 Ask for make up time
          I can;t remmember the specifics about proving contempt , But you have to prove she did it intentionaly  
   My Atty say's Most parents that do this will show at court and say there is a reason beyond her control ,
   So Atty's Gives the basic words for contempt declaration
      +++ Tell the court , "Mom Won't give the Kids " So I have to come here in Hopes that the court will enforce the parenting plan " And that Is Why She is In contempt she is in violation of a court order "
   If you have proof then you need to have it in the declarations Here In Wash , Pierce county , Cause it goes before a commissioner , Then If you have to file a motion of reconsideration , The You will show it to a real judge ,
     My Atty say's , "Unless you can prove it the courtcan't do Much" ,
   " Use fileing contempt as a form of behavior modification " And she will get tired of going to court < If It goes on enough the court will do something ",
   And Always ask for Make up time , And strict adherance to the parenting plan ,
   My Atty goes on to say " If you do NOTHING about it " You teach her she can just get away with it , " He say;s Usually his Ideas work "
  and In My case they have ,
    Try this " does mOm have an atty ? If so file this stuff and send it too her atty " She will get tired of paying her atty ,
   If she ask's a decent atty ,' He can't Advise her to go against the court order " So In Essense she will Get asked By Her atty at her expense , Whats going on etc ,
   This has worked for me I sent papers to her atty myself ,
   Now she cooperates ,
   I agree with My atty And I feel My case is different cause I did something Legally correct many times and it costed her , Some times inChain mail to her atty ;
  I even sent one chain mail that said " Your atty is well Know for making money off chain mail So Charge Away Pal , If mom Can't cooperate I hope se gets the bill For this " It will be resolved one way or the other "
   When I threaten her with court She said " I know you will "!
   My situation is pretty decent right now ,
   YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHIN or she will keep doing it !!!


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